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Where is House 2?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
March 26, 2012
Where is House 2?

The popular TV project House 2, with no less well-known presenters, has been coming out on May 11, 2004 on TNT, as it has crowds of fans, as well as a large number of critics and haters. Many young people want to be participants of the famous reality show, become popular, build their love and win the main prize - a residential building in the Moscow region. So where is House 2, famous throughout our country? Where is the glade? Where are shooting and casting held, where do project participants live?

House 2, or the so-called Glade, is located in the Moscow region, on the banks of the Istra River, 20 km from the Novorizhskoye highway in the village of Leshkovo. If more precisely, then 300-400 m from the bridge at the entrance to the village. This is where the glade is located, where the shooting. On this territory there are gates through which participants come to the project and leave it. Here is a frontal place where participants discuss current events and so on. Below is the map where House 2 is located, or the clearing.

Where is House 2?Where is House 2 Polyana?

Only surveys are carried out on the glade, but the participants live in the so-called "City of House 2", or "city apartments."Where are the Apartments House 2? They are located in Moscow at the address: metro station Profsoyuznaya, Krzhizhanovsky Street, 29, building 5. In the same building there is a café, Doma 2, where all parties are held for participants in a reality show. Also at this address every Thursday from 14.00 there is a casting of TV project participants. In order to become a member of the show House 2, you must fill out a questionnaire on the official website (), pass the casting and be an interesting hero for this program. And on this map you can find city apartments Houses 2

Where are the apartments House 2

Thus, the main address of House 2 is still a glade in the Moscow region, and city apartments in the capital itself are the place where the participants live and rest during the breaks between filming. By the way, the delay of the show from the moment of filming is 6 days. If you have any questions about the casting, you can contact the employees of the casting service by phone in Moscow: 8 (495) 124-1532 and 8 (495) 232-9096.


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