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Where do hummingbirds live

Hummingbirds are the smallest bird on the planet. Small size in combination with the bright color of feathers and a special disposition make these tiny creatures a unique decoration of nature. Let's look at where the hummingbirds live, analyze their habits and behaviors.

There are about three hundred species of hummingbirds. Differences between individual species are minor, but some species of hummingbird are considered record holders. The weight of the smallest bird resembling a butterfly or an insect does not exceed 2 grams. If we consider the whole family, distinguish the following features:

  1. The average bird weight is 20 grams. Modest and size. The average length with the beak and tail is 7-20 centimeters.
  2. Color is determined not only endowed with nature color. It depends on the direction of the sun's rays and the angle of view. Often the color changes and shimmers with colors of the rainbow. This effect is reminiscent of the play of color on the edges of the jewels. The color range of males is brighter and richer than that of females. From the photographs of these birds make fascinating collages.
  3. The hummingbird has a long thin beak. The upper segment of the beak covers the lower part, protruding beyond the edges. The length of the forked tongue corresponds to the size of the beak. Getting food, tiny feathered creatures essentially push the tongue out of the mouth.
  4. The next feature - sharp and long wings. Each wing has 10 wing feathers and 6 small feathers. Hummingbirds flap their wings so often that they are not visible. When hovering in air, the frequency reaches 50 sweeps per second, and this is not the limit. When flying at maximum speed, which often exceeds the mark of 100 km / h, the rate increases 4 times.
  5. Hummingbirds are good at flying art. They fly in all directions, even back. Often in flight perform the most complex shapes, but to admire this spectacle is possible only through slow motion. With the naked eye, a person sees only a tiny bright spot rushing past. Hummingbird flight is accompanied by a distinctive sound. This is the result of the friction of the feathers on the air.
  6. The colossal physical activity forces the bird's heart to work at a high frequency. If the hummingbird is at rest, the heart makes up to 500 beats per minute. With a high-speed flight, the indicator grows threefold.
  7. The hummingbirds have small, thin and weak legs that are unsuitable for walking. Therefore, it is impossible to see a bird sitting on the ground. But they are able to hang in the air. Describing the “eight” in the air by its wings, the bird maintains balance and remains motionless.

We reviewed the main features of hummingbirds. I almost forgot to mention the temperature of the body. When flying, the temperature of the body of a tiny feathered creature is 42 degrees. At night, when the bird sits on a branch for the night, the body temperature drops to 17 degrees. The bird seems to freeze and motionlessly awaits the advent of a new day.

Hummingbird habitat and habits

Beautiful photo of a male hummingbird
I think that by this time the uniqueness of the hummingbird is beyond doubt, but this concerns not only the appearance and operation of the organism. The unusualness of tiny feathers is manifested in character and behavior. Therefore, the topic of further discussion will be the habits of the hummingbird and habitat. Let's start with the character.

  • Hummingbirds are foolish, fast, mischievous and fearless birds. These character traits are vividly demonstrated during the feeding period of chicks. With the appearance of potential danger, the crumb boldly attacks larger birds and bravely protects the offspring.
  • Man does not pose a threat to hummingbirds.Therefore, little birds often make their nests close to residential buildings. Caring people often attract beautiful birds to the garden, planting flowers, the nectar of which feeds on hummingbirds. Some organize drinking bowls. The containers are filled with syrup or a solution of honey and water. As a sign of gratitude, the birds fill the garden with beautiful singing or thin chirping.
  • If there is no problem in dealing with a person, it is more difficult among the birds themselves. The list of unique character traits includes egoism and loneliness. Although birds often gather in flocks, each member of the community remains a bright individuality. Therefore, disagreements and conflicts in the group are not uncommon.

Hummingbirds are spread over a vast territory. Some species prefer the mountains, others like the plains, and still others choose the desert. The largest number lives in the western hemisphere. The highest concentration of hummingbirds off the coast of the Amazon.

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Hummingbirds living in temperate latitudes, before the arrival of winter, are sent to warm lands. To get to a hot country, they make long flights. After the end of the cold weather the birds arrive at their homeland and return to their normal life.

Where do hummingbirds live in Russia

Photo of a hummingbird in flight

Many are of the opinion that hummingbirds live only in a wooded area of ​​the tropics and subtropics. Indeed, the vast majority of species live in South and Central America, where a hot climate prevails. But there is a species that came to the liking of the subarctic climate zone of Russia. It's about the ohrist hummingbird.

Researchers first discovered this species in the summer of 1976 on the territory of Ratmanov Island. According to unconfirmed information, representatives of the ocher species often appear on mainland Chukotka and on Wrangel Island. By the way, this island is sometimes visited and polar bears.

It is hard to believe in this, but a tiny feathered creature, the mass of which does not exceed 5 grams, is characterized by enviable endurance and feels good even at twenty degrees of frost.

For the summer, hummingbirds found in Russia are sent to North America. There they stay in the mountainous area, which is ideal for normal life: a warm climate, an abundance of flowering plants, optimal conditions for building nests and caring for offspring.

How and what do hummingbirds eat

Hummingbird drinking nectar
The diet of hummingbirds can not be called diverse. Previously, scientists believed that they eat only floral nectar. The results of numerous studies have confirmed the fallacy of this opinion.

Getting the nectar, the bird flies to the flower, hangs, immerses in the bud a long beak and slightly opens. Then the tubular tongue protrudes and swallows nectar with the help of swallowing movements. In addition to nectar, the diet includes tiny insects, which are collected on the leaves and flowers of plants, and removed from the web.

Hummingbirds require a lot of food for body temperature to be normal and keep active. Every day, every tiny bird eats twice as much food as body weight. The digestive system due to accelerated metabolism quickly copes with food.

Where do hummingbirds live in captivity

Hummingbird in flight

Hummingbirds can be bred at home. The owner does not have problems with the placement, feeding and taming of a tiny pet. They contain them in ordinary cells, additionally covered from the inside with a grid with small cells.

The role of the drinker and the feeder is ideal plastic bottle, which fully complies with the structural features of the oral apparatus.Small chicks need constant supervision, because of their accelerated metabolism, it is recommended to feed them once every 15 minutes.

Carry hummingbirds in special boxes equipped with air vents. At the bottom of the tank must put a little twigs. The bird clings to them with paws and feels calmer.

Hummingbird's favorite occupation is cleaning the feathers in the sun, so it is recommended to keep the cage in a well-lit place. The arrangement of a shady corner is also welcome. At night, hummingbirds sleep soundly. Even if the bird is disturbed, it will make a subtle sound, but remain motionless and will not wake up.

In a natural environment, the life span of a hummingbird does not exceed 9 years. During this time, each bird flies a huge distance. Hummingbirds live much less in captivity, as it is problematic to provide optimal conditions for keeping. It is about good nutrition, the presence of a large number of colors and the organization of space for long flights.

Speaking of zoos, hummingbirds are bred in California. On the territory of local institutions are equipped with special aviation competitions, in which crumbs live.In European zoos are rare, so for Europeans a meeting with this tiny inhabitant is so expected and joyful.

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