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Where better to buy dishes?

Soon the repair in our apartment ends, it remains to purchase the dishes in the kitchen. Tell me where in Kiev you can buy good quality dishes, but so cheap?
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Answered on January 31 12:04
You can buy dishes in any household or specialty store. Having come to the store, you can always choose what you like, the sellers will advise on the quality and price.
Answered on January 31 12:11
Look for organizers of joint purchases of dishes. In this case, a company of people is going to buy a batch of goods in bulk, mainly from the manufacturer or from warehouses. It is very profitable, because the cost of goods is much cheaper than buying in a store.
Answered on January 31 12:16
Due to the fact that I work until late evening, I have absolutely no time to go shopping. Therefore, I try to order all purchases in online stores. This is very convenient, because you do not spend time on trips to stores, and the price when buying via the Internet is usually cheaper.

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