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Where and what you can buy skirts?

I have a women's clothing store. I want to upgrade the store assortment by spring. Who knows where in Kiev you can buy high-quality skirts in bulk and at what price?
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Answered on February 13 16:08
Try to order on foreign sites. There are always discounts and promotions, but things are still branded and high-quality. You may have to wait a little while the goods arrive, but then you will save.
Answered on February 13, 16:13
My neighbor is organizing joint purchases. She collects a group of people for certain things and buys them at the wholesale price. In this way, she updated her wardrobe and the whole family.
Answered on February 13 23:52
You need a diverse product that can satisfy the tastes of all customers. Therefore, you need to look for a manufacturer who has a wide selection of high quality women's clothing.

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