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When to plant beets?

Beetroot is a very valuable vegetable crop, part of the so-called “borshchevaya set of vegetables.” Beets on the territory of our country began to grow in the days of Kievan Rus. Its high popularity is due to its very high taste, nutritional value and usefulness for the body. In addition, it should be noted that beet has another truly unique advantage - it is almost waste-free. In beets for food, you can use any part of it, starting with the young tops and ending with a ripe, succulent root crop. If you want to grow a good crop of this vegetable, then first of all you need to know when to plant beets.

Beet planting time

During the year, it is possible to plant beets at one of two favorable periods for planting:

  1. spring (like most other vegetable crops);
  2. towards winter (late autumn).

By the winter, namely at the end of October, or in early November, beets are planted in the event that they want to get the earliest possible harvest the following year.Under favorable weather conditions, the result of such an autumn planting will be young beet roots, ripened by the end of July.

But in general, it is still customary to plant beets, like other vegetables, in the spring.
At the time of spring planting of beets in the open ground is affected by the circumstance in which way you plan to plant it: directly with seeds or pre-grown seedlings:

  • Beet seeds are planted in the soil when the land in the garden warms up well (up to 8-10 ° C at a depth of 10 cm), but the spring moisture will not leave it yet. Usually in the middle lane this time comes in the first decade of May, and in particularly cold years the dates of planting beets can be shifted by one or even two weeks.
  • To obtain seedlings, beet seeds should be sown about a month before transplanting into open ground, i.e. This should be done in mid-April. In order for the seedlings to transfer the transplant well, plant it in the garden then, when four real leaves appear on the young plants, and they themselves will reach a height of 8 centimeters. This rather labor-intensive method of planting beets not only saves seeds, but also makes it possible to get a crop of root crops two to three weeks earlier than usual.

In addition, the timing of planting beet seeds depend on other factors, such as:

  • beet variety itself;
  • the area in which the land plot is located;
  • weather conditions in the year of planting.

Varieties of beets and their planting dates

Depending on the time of ripening of root vegetables, there is an early beet, mid-ripening or late beet. Early varieties are good because three months after planting you can get a harvest of tasty root crops. But one problem - poor keeping quality is typical of such root crops, therefore they are not suitable for long-term storage. Only late beets are suitable for laying for the winter, which, under favorable conditions, can be beautifully stored in the cellar until the very spring.
Seeds of early and super early varieties of beets, such as the Egyptian Flat or Red Ball, can be sown at the end of April, and with the planting of late varieties for winter storage, such as Cylinder seeds, it is better to wait until mid-May.


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