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When did the money come?

July 22, 2014
When did the money come?

Money is a commodity with the help of which economic relationships are built in society. Money is equivalent to the cost of other goods and various services. This complex phenomenon is invented by people for people. To better understand this issue, let's see when the money came, take a look at their history.

When the first money came

It is probably difficult for us to believe now that there was once no money at all. And so it really was. Previously, people changed the goods for the goods: you are my pig, I give you a goose. Agree, it is not very convenient, since a person may not always have to share what is required by another. It took an intermediate product - money. Due to their real value and compactness, they became silver, and later gold.

Already in the 13th century BC The first money appeared in the form of bars of silver and gold. They had a certain weight, which was the way their value was measured. Lydians in the 7th century BC began to mint coins of these metals. Lydia (Asia Minor) - this is where the money came in the form of coins. As a guarantee, they were applied images.

When the paper money came

The time has come when people realized that a written promise to pay on demand is also money that is not dangerous to carry with them. The first paper money appeared in 910 AD. in China. They looked like a receipt that a merchant received in the capital, giving his money to the government. And arriving home in the province, he changed this receipt back to the coins.

Since the coins stored in the prototypes of modern banks were dead weight and were not in circulation, and people used only receipts for them, these receipts began to play the role of real money.

Finally, it is worth noting that the first issue of paper banknotes took place in 1718 in France. In Russia, they began to print paper money for the first time under Catherine II in 1769.


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