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When is the railwayman's day?

Anna Shuldeshova
Anna Shuldeshova
December 3, 2012
When is the railwayman's day?

The days of the country of the Soviets have sunk into oblivion, when every professional holiday passed pompously and in a big way. However, there are still tear-off calendars on the counters of stationery stores, in which each date is marked with some significant event. Including in these calendars there is an answer to the question, when is the railwayman's day. This professional holiday is celebrated on the first Sunday of the last month of summer - August. The first time the celebration took place back in 1896 and since then takes place annually (with the exception of almost a twenty-year break from 1917 to 1936, after which the holiday was officially approved by a Government Decree).

Railwayman's Day is the oldest professional holiday. Russian railways carry about 20% of the total freight turnover in the world (of course, we mean the percentage of the total freight traffic on the railways).Directly in the Russian Federation, Russian Railways play a key role due to the low development or even lack of transport of alternative species in Siberia.


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