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Wheels for carts

Two years ago I bought new carts to the warehouse and now the first problems with them were worn out wheels. Of course, they can still be used, but at maximum load it is very difficult to roll such a cart. Who knows where in Yekaterinburg you can buy cheap wheels for carts?
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Answered on May 28, 18:25
Often, in the production of carts, special attention is not paid to the wheels and therefore they very quickly fail. If you want really durable wheels, then I recommend you look at polyurethane, they are very high quality.
Answered on May 28, 20:28
The strongest wheels are made of cast iron, but of course much depends on the manufacturer. It is best to buy wheels for carts that were made in Europe, they are stronger than domestic-made wheels.
Answered on May 28, 10:58
The wheels are erased in any case, but often their lifespan depends on the surface on which the cart is carried and the frequency of use of the cart. Also, I strongly do not recommend overloading the cart, this also contributes to faster wheel wear.

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