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What you can eat immediately after childbirth

Good nutrition immediately after birth will help the young mother to quickly recover the loss of minerals, vitamins during pregnancy. However, the diet will have to be adjusted so as not to cause allergies, colic.

Mom's food after childbirth

It is necessary to select a menu for a young mother based on the type of delivery. If a child was born by caesarean section, doctors recommend not to eat on the first day, but only to drink non-carbonated mineral water. In the following days you can eat lean meat, porridge on the water, chicken broth, baked apples.The daily norm in terms of caloric intake for a nursing mother is about 2500 kcal per day. This will keep lactation at a normal level.
With natural delivery, the diet can not be significantly revised, but the mother in the early days to eat soups, cereal must be in small portions. With caution you need to eat sour-milk dishes, bread, and it’s better for now to give them up.
In the presence of gaps mom should not eat foods rich in fiber. These include vegetables, bran and black bread, raw fruit.

How to adjust lactation after childbirth?

In the first weeks after birth, it is important to establish breastfeeding, using the "right" products. This, of course, drinks - mineral water without gas, rosehip broth, lightly brewed tea, low-fat kefir. You can eat bananas, baked green apples from fruits, stews from vegetables, mashed potatoes. Fish and beef, poultry is better to boil or steam. You can also include in the menu soups, pasta durum and porridge on the water, except for rice dishes.
At least 20 days in the diet of a nursing mother should not be present juices, chocolate, milk, any pastries, sweets and salty, smoked, canned. No need to get involved in the preparation of dishes with spices, eat seasonal vegetables and fruits, sausages. This approach will help avoid indigestion in the infant, alleviate the appearance of colic, and eliminate allergies.Nutrition nursing mom should be varied, the best solution - there are all the allowed products, but a little bit.
Further, it is necessary to introduce new products into the diet of the mother gradually, trying to use only one “not from the list” for one day.

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