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What will surprise us with the spring fashion 2014?

Fashion slowly wakes from hibernation and goes on a spring trip. Get ready for surprises! Seductive shades of sherbet, magnificent new patterns and a mixture of materials inspire the game with silhouette lines and the search for the appropriate boundaries of transparency. With such a variety of culminating moments, we can no longer wait and plunge headlong into the temptations of spring fashion 2014. Recently, we came across a wonderful resource. Long skirts in the online storeAmazem.rucan be purchased at very good prices. Take a look, you will not regret it.

What does she please us?

Dresses and pants free silhouette skirts with high slits; short, above the waist line, tops and flight jackets; new, delicate shades of ice cream soufflés, extravagant patches and that fashionable looseness, which is expressed in bulk materials, a dimensionless cut and a natural color palette ...It is easy and convenient for walking on the city awakening from the winter.

Everyone's favorite - jacket - endures serious competition. A comfortable short jacket is an excellent alternative. Too sporty? Absolutely not! It all depends on the material: from fine silk or leather, with sparkling glitter or floral motifs,such a jacket perfectly combines with flared skirts or trousers, and with pencil skirts. Speaking of flowers: they are very relevant. To the lush meadow bouquets are now added exotic plant motifs, reminiscent of the summer and the southern sea.

Still relatively cool, but the first warm sun rays lead us to a state of spring euphoria. We crave a new one! We want bright colors, uplifting. For example, yellow - more sun! This is still the most fashionable color (but no longer neon!). Try to combine it not with black or white, but with pink, light brown or pale blue - it looks unexpected and fresh. Also bright red and orange again head the color palette. Too bright for you? Alternative: beige, light brown, cream or pink - perfectly combined and look very noble.

Let the fashion steal you and lead you in a new, unexpected direction.Enjoy the anticipation of the joy of the arrival of spring and the creation of your own models, your individual image.


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