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What do turtles eat?

Turtles today have become one of the most popular pets. In the pet store you can find a dozen species of these interesting animals. In addition, you probably know that turtles are one of the most ancient creatures on the planet. And what turtles eat, these ancient silent reptiles, let's understand.

Before starting a turtle as a pet, it would be nice to know what these animals eat. Indeed, many people think that turtles sleep almost all the time, and occasionally they need to be fed with lettuce leaves. Such a delusion is fundamentally wrong. For turtles you need to carefully calculate the diet, as close as possible to the natural, the benefit they really eat a little. In addition, feeding on land and aquatic turtles is significantly different. So:

What land turtles eat

Nutrition turtles in nature is always determined by geography of residence. However, it should be said that all species of land turtles, without exception, prefer plant food. If you decide to have a tortoise at home, then it is important to choose the proper diet for your animal to be healthy.

Turtles that live in dry habitats feed mainly on plant food, while representatives of wet regions eat animal food in addition to fruits and herbs. Thus, the most common turtles of the genus Testudo, which live in the Mediterranean and the Caucasus, prefer wild flowers, herbs, as well as chilli fruits and foliage of low bushes.

In autumn, turtles love to eat ripe fruits and berries, especially pears, blackberries, figs. In addition, some turtles may occasionally eat worms, snails, beetles. Often, the dung of herbivorous mammals also acts as food.

If you keep a tortoise at home, you can give it almost any fruits and herbs. It is worth remembering that such unnatural products are completely unsuitable for turtles - macaroni, rice, various canned foods, as well as dog and cat food.

Remember that herbivorous turtles should eat often and in small portions, because the digestion process in them lasts up to 2 weeks.

What do water turtles eat

Aquatic turtles differ from terrestrial, primarily because they prefer carnivorous food.The aquatic turtle's diet is very dependent on its species and habitat.

So, most turtles in natural conditions feed on the fact that they live in its reservoir. The marsh turtle, which is found in large numbers in Russia, eats snails, insects, tadpoles, and small frogs. Especially likes to eat salamanders and small fish.

The next large group of aquatic turtles from North America is the Red-eared, Cayman, Spotted turtles. They prefer small fish, aquatic invertebrates, insect larvae. An interesting fact is that the growing turtles are much more bloodthirsty, especially the Cayman and Red-eared. In addition, turtles can eat their relatives of small size and even birds.

Aquatic turtles that live in Europe, Africa and India are eaten and aquatic plants, mollusks and amphibians. It is said that some species of aquatic turtles do not always eat only carnivorous food. Sometimes their diet includes fruits, berries and green plants. However, even vegetable food turtles prefer to eat in the aquatic environment.

What do domestic turtles eat

The diet of a domestic turtle should primarily depend on its species.It is important to understand that you can not feed the same food aquatic and land turtle. It is also important to choose the right food for your pet. After all, food preferences are genetically shaped, but like all animals, turtles are very well adapted and eat food that is not typical for them. Thus, land turtles can be fed with fresh fruits and even vegetables. In summertime, it is possible to give growing herbs in the region. Sometimes you need to give a little meat or fish. And also remember that for the health of the shell it is important to include vitamins in food.

The aquatic turtle needs to be fed on a specific diet. Of which 50% should be plant foods - a variety of berries, lettuce, carrots, plum, banana, apple, etc. And 50% - of animal food, raw meat, clams and fish are best suited.

Remember that the aquatic turtle needs to be fed more and more abundantly. And also carefully observe the food preferences of your pet.


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