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What to wear a red skirt?

Few women can decide to purchase a red skirt. Someone she seems vulgar, someone thinks that the red color is full. And the main problem is that not everyone knows what to wear with such a thing and with what accessories to add it. Let's look at this article, what is the combination of a red skirt. In vain you confuse the red color. Consider that with the help of such a thing you can not only revive the entire wardrobe, but also transform any girl. The main nuance is that for each girl a special model will be suitable, since you need to be guided by the shape.

Short red skirts

Red miniskirts are a pretty decisive acquisition. Let's figure out who and what to wear them with.

  • Only ladies with perfectly even legs can afford such a model. But you should know that you will not wear such a skirt at the reception, rather, it is suitable as a club dress.
  • Red color will give you boldness and sexuality, but do not overdo it with length. The skirt should not be too short.
  • In order not to be confused with the "priestess of love", use accessories to a minimum, even if only the red skirt attracts the eye.
  • It is not necessary with such a dress to do too bright makeup and overdo it with the neckline.
  • The miniskirt will harmonize well with a loose sleeveless blouse and a thin belt in a skirt, as well as a turtleneck and a shirt with a stand-up collar.
  • Choosing shoes, pay attention to shoes with heels. They fit into your image best.
  • It is not necessary to use beads as an accessory. Better wear some bracelets.

Red long skirts

If you choose the right model, the new red skirt is ideal for many things in your wardrobe.

  • Maxi skirt can be worn with a loose blouse, but the waist must be emphasized. If your figure is not ideal, you can hide its flaws with a double blouse.
  • Slender and graceful girls can choose a skirt, a fitting shape, and combine it with a light chiffon blouse.
  • You can wear a tunic embroidered with beads, but the embroidery should have a red color.
  • The positive side of long skirts is that a girl does not have to stand on a heel.This option is especially suitable for tall women.

Red skirt in a cage

Skirts that combine red and some other color can be worn with black and white things.

  • Keep in mind that it would be better if the checkered bottom is in harmony with a monophonic top. You will look not just elegant, but stunning and attractive.
  • You can wear a red skirt in a cage with a red or black golf, but it is better to dilute the gloom with a red scarf.
  • Do not wear long T-shirts, coats and sweaters. The top should not be long.
  • A short black jacket works well.

Color combinations

  • Oddly enough, but now everything is combined incompatible. If earlier it was believed that red does not fit blue and green, then today this is not at all the case.
  • A girl in a red skirt with a well-chosen white top will look very impressive.
  • The only thing that remained unacceptable is a combination of red, yellow and pink.
  • Remember that you should not pack more than three colors. Alternatively, you can wear a blouse of one color, a skirt of another, and shoes of the third.

Now you know what to wear with a red skirt of different models.Do not be afraid to experiment and wear bright red skirts of different styles!


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