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What can I wear with a denim jacket?

The denim jacket is once again experiencing the peak of its popularity. Having returned to us from such a distant 80s, she acquired new features, changed color and style, became a universal addition to almost any outfit. Recent years have brought a unisex style to the famous "jeans", in which the trendy denim jacket began to resemble a blazer or an elongated jacket.

Popular models

Responding to the new trends of the time, the designers pleased us with the original styles of the models, diversified the collars, trimmed the jackets with white stitching, unusual pockets, various decorative buttons and buckles. In addition to the elongated models, we were offered to dress up in shorter versions of the jackets of free or fitted style. No less variety awaits us when choosing a color when classic colors change to dark or lightened denim, worn or artificially aged, painted in bright colors or black. Another surprise of the season were three-quarter sleeves or rolled up.

A special rampant fantasy fashion designers touched and children's jeans. And if the styles for boys differ in a certain “masculine” restraint, and sometimes with a touch of recklessness, then the denim jackets for the girl in terms of the complexity of tailoring and finishing do not fall behind the “adult” models. Embroidery and rhinestones, artsy buttons and colored stitching, interesting design and coloring attract the eye.

Finishing accessories

Another unusual decoration of the season was the return of spikes and rivets. Denim jacket with spikes can now become one of the most spectacular things in your wardrobe. The combination of rebellious rebelliousness, deliberate inaccessibility and sexuality of the defiant finish will give your look a unique appeal. At the same time, a special style and chic are distinguished by worn and bleached denim with scuffs, torn sleeves and other “defects”. Black denim looks no less stylish, trimmed with silver or gold fittings.

Variants of combinations

However, the minds of all fashionistas are concerned not only with a variety of models, but also with what to wear a denim jacket. It’s been a long time when the jeans jacket was worn only with jeans.Now, only somewhere on the farm you can find a combination of “Canadian tuxedo”, when jeans and jeans of the same color, and “Texas tuxedo”, when jeans of the same color are added to jeans.

Modern designers offer us a lot of absolutely stunning combinations of denim with casual and evening dresses in style and beauty.

  • Romantic. A denim jacket with a long, feminine dress and a wide-brimmed hat is one of the most stunning outfits for spring and summer. Despite the fact that this season is leading dark denim, on sunny and bright days, a white denim jacket is simply indispensable in your wardrobe.
  • Chic. In this version, wear a denim jacket with leggings (ideally leather) or pants-cigarettes, which will perfectly complement the vest.
  • Western. The denim is combined with a dress or a chiffon skirt with a floral print. On the feet - sandals or rough cowboy boots. Instead of a skirt or dress you can wear shorts and a hat over your head.
  • Summer. A short jacket is worn over the top of the top or T-shirt with short shorts. Shoes are colored sandals, flip flops or clogs.
  • Autumn-spring every day.We wear denim jackets with light sweaters, shirts and narrow trousers of dark shades.
  • Everyday. We put on a short jeans over a light tunic with leggings of dark colors.
  • Winter. Denim winter jacket is worn during the day with narrow or rather narrow trousers, and in the evening - with a short mini-dress.


Lovers of shocking can experiment and pick up at least a stylish set. However, there are things that you should never wear a denim jacket - these are office skirts and classic formal trousers. The combination of short jeans and a warm dress with long sleeves is also unacceptable. More bans do not exist.

So choose a denim jacket, listen to your mood and dive into the magic of a combination of denim with your favorite things!


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