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What to see a child a year?

Irina Saprykina
Irina Saprykina
January 24, 2015
What to see a child a year?

Parents of a one-year-old baby really want to carve out a little bit of free time for themselves. Watching animated films will give these precious moments during which the kid will be carried away by the events on the screen. What can you see a child in a year, and how to organize such a leisure?

TV viewing rules

For young children, there are rules for watching animated films and children's programs on TV or using other electronic devices. This is especially true for babies as young as one.

  1. Before you allow your child to watch cartoons, you need to make sure that everything is in order with his eyesight. If during the examination by an oculist there are violations, then this entertainment will have to be postponed.
  2. Watching cartoons should not exceed 10-15 minutes a day, and it would be good to divide this time into a couple of sessions.
  3. The child should sit in a comfortable position, lying down watching TV is strictly prohibited.

Do not think that the baby is still too small to understand what is happening on the screen, which means that he does not care what to watch. Children at this age have an amazing ability to learn and perceive new information. More details about this will tell our article What a child can a year.

What kind of cartoons you can watch

Cartoons for a one-year-old child should contain short completed stories. Since the baby cannot yet follow the course of events, the images he sees on the screen are important to him. It is important that these are realistic characters, people or animals, with the correct proportions of the body.

Pictures should not replace each other too quickly, the characters should not be harsh. Excessively bright colors or loud sound will quickly tire a child and cause his nervous system to be over-excited.

Among the modern cartoons, Masha and the Bear, Luntik, Smeshariki are especially popular, you can also include works of Soviet cinema.


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