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What to read to become smarter?

October 6, 2011
What to read to become smarter?

There are many books, and all are different. But what to read to become smarter? If you just want to know a lot, then a wide range of literature will suit you. These can be reference dictionaries, fiction, textbooks, scientific books on various subjects, educational scientific journals (for example, "National Geographic"). If you want to get a lot of practical knowledge that is needed in life, then you will approach the popular science literature, relating to all that is necessary for man. In addition, various articles in quality newspapers and magazines are easy to read and give good advice. A lot of good stuff is also on the Internet. If you are pursued by the desire to become smarter in a certain area of ​​knowledge, then you will be interested in scientific works, monographs, textbooks, specialized books and publications (magazines, newspapers, almanacs, etc.) on topics of interest.


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