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What to give to the head?

Everyone has long known that a gift to a boss is an integral part of working etiquette. Not only your future relationship with your superiors, but also your career growth may depend on your chosen thing. Therefore, this issue should be taken as responsibly and seriously as possible. We propose to consider what to give to the leader for a holiday in order to make a good impression and cause positive emotions.

Gifts to the male leader

Universal Gifts

  • For a practical person, a variety of business accessories, such as a leather business card holder, a purse or an exclusive pen, will be an excellent gift.
  • If you have repeatedly visited the office of the authorities and have at least a superficial idea of ​​his taste, then you can try to choose a desk set, a picture or a statuette for the working area.

Such gifts are good because they are suitable for almost any leader and emphasize his status.

Practical and original gifts

It should be noted that all the heads, without exception, are ordinary people who love to eat, drink and rest. Based on this, you can opt for the following options:

  • Beautifully packed fruit basket. They should be not only exotic, but also traditional.
  • A composition of good expensive tea (coffee) with good chocolate or a bottle of aged wine is unlikely to leave your manager indifferent.
  • Knowing the chief’s enthusiasm for a particular sport, one can pick up a specialized accessory: a tennis racket, a soccer ball, running glasses and the like.
  • Gifts for a hobby: for an amateur to paint - good brushes, to a hunter - a knife from a famous master, a collector of models of typewriters - another exhibit.
  • Photobook with the brightest achievements and events of your company. Such a thing will remind you of the great work done and inspire new feats.
  • Bouquet of flowers. Many people forget that it is also customary for men to give flowers. Believe me, men receive flowers no less pleasantly than women, although very few people admit this. When choosing a bouquet is to give preference to bright colors. And from the flowers, traditional roses, exotic flowers or strict gladiolus are best suited.

These gifts reflect the attitude to the boss of a particular person or team.

Gifts to the head woman

It is more difficult to deal with a gift for a boss, because everyone knows that they are more demanding and picky in life than men. However, the right choice is still possible.

Universal Gifts

  • A nice personalized pen with an engraving will be a good accessory for the boss.
  • You can choose a suitable vase, picture or photo frame that fits into the overall style of the cabinet.
  • Give a stylish jewelry box - this thing will emphasize the femininity of your leader.

Original gifts

  • Cut from the newspaper in the frame. This should be a specially printed (under the order) edition with the original greeting of the birthday girl. Do not forget to indicate in the text all its strengths as a leader.
  • Cup or order with a personalized engraving for professional merit and achievement.
  • Stones for whiskey. This new-fashioned device will be useful not only for drink lovers, but also for anyone who wants to cool off in hot weather. Stones retain a certain temperature of any drink in which they are immersed.
  • Personal accessory (and only the designer thing will be suitable for the head of a large, highly profitable company).It is worth paying attention to such accessories as headphones, bag holder, tippet, scarf, umbrella or case for glasses.

Gifts - Impressions

If you are still puzzled over what to give to the manager - stop your choice on what will give you warm memories:

  • certificate for visiting the prestigious SPA-center;
  • flight by helicopter or balloon;
  • small trip on a yacht for two;
  • tea stylized ceremony, which can be held right in the office, having studied and organized all the details of this process. A pleasant atmosphere and unforgettable emotions to the head are guaranteed;
  • participation in a role photo shoot. Even the most strict and enslaved ladies sometimes are not averse to relaxing.

Gifts for the soul

Choosing a similar gift, you should have at least a small idea of ​​the interests of your leader:

  • a lover of travel can give a world map on which you can erase already visited countries with a coin;
  • necessary items for such hobbies as soap making, scrapbooking, cross-stitching or decoupage;
  • for lovers of cooking, a set of exotic spices or a big cookbook will be a good gift;
  • original set of dishes for family evenings.

Correctly pick a gift for the head - not an easy task. If you take into account all the subtleties of this case, your congratulations will be a great addition to any holiday.


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