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What to give to the groom?

Anna Kitaychik
Anna Kitaychik
February 2, 2015
What to give to the groom?

You have received an invitation to the wedding. The question arises - what to give? A gift can be made up of two parts - individually for the groom and for his bride. Let's consider what to present to the groom for the wedding.

Interesting gift ideas for the groom

  • expensive alcohol (a bottle of aged wine or prestigious imported whiskey - by the way, it can be beautifully painted);
  • camera or camcorder;
  • accessories to your favorite gadget;
  • tickets for horse riding or parachute jumping;
  • book bar;
  • exclusive statuette or wall sword for the office;
  • branded lighter;
  • visiting the SPA complex for two;
  • if you skip a big company, you can give a ticket to the country where you wanted to visit the newly-made fiancé;
  • tickets to the VIP box for a football match.

It is great to attach a small surprise to your main gift. For example, a beautiful photograph of the newlyweds in a frame with the original wedding date.

Bride Gift

Recently, there has also been a tradition of making gifts for the wedding between the newlyweds themselves. What could be a gift to the groom from the bride?

  • A great gift will be a big wallet for joint money. It is in him that the groom will hide all the envelopes presented to you. Practical gifts can also include a heater for a mug, a mini-fan or a pen with a flash card.
  • For romantic natures, a beautifully designed slide show from your collaborative photos or a verse of your own will be an excellent option.
  • Unusual option - T-shirts or sweaters with your initials, last names, photos or something else that unites you.
  • The bride can also personally perform a song dedicated to her chosen one. It will look very beautiful at the very celebration in front of all close people.
  • You can give a real cup by making an engraving like "For the 1st place in my life."

These are just some ideas on how to congratulate the groom.


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