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What to do if the nose is stuffed up?

One fine morning, you wake up with an unpleasant sensation in your nose. It is impossible to breathe through it, the nose is stuffed up, and it is either impossible to blow the nose or the handkerchief is wet through five minutes later. Common situation? Probably everyone in life at least once had a cold. But for someone, he was passing in a mild form and practically did not interfere, but for someone he had a nose that was completely blocked, which prevented normal breathing, eating and sleeping. Today we will talk about what to do if the nose is stuffed up.

Causes of rhinitis

In a scientific runny nose called rhinitis. Rhinitis is an inflammation of the nasal mucosa, which is accompanied by edema due to a strong expansion of the blood vessels in the nose. Due to inflammation, an excessive amount of mucus begins to be produced, which is popularly called snot. The causes of a cold can be different. Rhinitis may occur due to a cold, or it may result from an allergic reaction. There is also the so-called seasonal runny nose, which can last for 2 weeks.The reasons we found out, but what if the nose is stuffed up?

Traditional medicine

To quickly cure your nose, you must first correctly determine the cause of a cold. If a runny nose has arisen due to a cold, the first couple of days you can use special drops from a cold cold: Tizin, Naphthyzin, Sanorin, Galazolin, Olint, Xylen, Otrivin. Drops can relieve your condition, but you can not use them for a long time.

Many complain that the drops do not help, that their action is equivalent to pouring ordinary water into the nose. The problem may lie in the fact that some incorrectly bury the drops in the nose.

How to use drops

  1. It is not worth much to throw back your head back - half of the medicine will go down the throat, never reaching the center of the disease.
  2. Better lie on a sofa or bed on its side, put a small pillow under your head.
  3. Imagine that you swallow food, while doing a swallowing movement, linger in the middle. In this way, you will create an airlock between the pharynx and the nose, which will not allow the medicine to go down the pharynx.
  4. Put the medicine in the nostril, which is located closer to the pillow,at the same time try to hold your breath for a minute. Lie on the other side and do the whole procedure from the second nostril.
  5. So the drops will act as efficiently as possible and will not fall into the throat.

You can also try special nasal sprays. Their advantage is that, unlike drops, sprays are evenly distributed over the entire inner surface of the nose, and therefore more effectively cure rhinitis.

If a cold catarrh does not go away during the first three days of treatment, you need to go to the doctor, otherwise you can start the disease. A runny nose that is not cured in time can lead to complications, in particular, to sinusitis.

If you are not sure that you have a cold rhinitis, do not use any medications, but rather go to the doctor right away. If a runny nose is allergic in origin, then the usual remedies for a cold runny nose will not help.


What to do if the nose is stuffed up, and do not want to use medicines from the pharmacy or not? Turn to folk remedies! Here are a few:

  • Hot tea with linden, honey and raspberries.
  • Hot foot baths.
  • Carrot drops for the nose.To do this, mix carrot juice and boiled water in a 1: 1 ratio and use as nasal drops.
  • An alternative to the previous drug is onion juice or beets with vegetable oil or garlic juice, diluted in honey.

You can moisten in kerosene soft fabric, wring out and attach to the feet. After - put on woolen socks, warmly wrap up legs and go to bed. In the morning should feel better, perhaps a cold will disappear altogether.

Drops of spruce cones have a bactericidal effect and will help in the fight against the common cold. Take 100 g of immature cones, fill with 0.5 liters. boiled water and put on low heat for half an hour. After that, insist 3-4 hours and strain through cheesecloth. The resulting infusion should be heated and then can be used as drops for the nose.

Saline washes will help from chronic rhinitis, as well as from a very stuffy nose. To do this, take not very warm water, lightly salt it and add 1 tsp to it. infusion of calendula. All must be mixed and rinsed with the nose. How to do it? Pour the medicine into the saucer, draw it in through the nose (do alternately through both nostrils) and release it through the mouth. You need to do this without raising your head until the medicine in the saucer runs out. The procedure is repeated 2 times a day.Enjoy a little, but it will help! If the calendula has nowhere to take, you can simply use saline.

Now you know what to do if the nose is stuffed up. Good luck and do not be ill!


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