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What to do if the matrix starts to ruffle?

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Answered on November 23, 2014 16:02
I think it means a camera matrix. In reality, if the matrix is ​​damaged or jammed, then the pictures will not be clear. Well, if the matrix is ​​lit up at the laptop, then the colors can change and in general the quality will be such that it will simply not work. If you have all these signs, then there is nothing you can do, you need to go to the service center and change the matrix to a new one. Most accurately do not need to climb! Especially if the device is under warranty! Well, if the warranty, then just carry, you will be repaired for free. By the way, if the matrix of the laptop, try to reload the driver, it helped me once) lucky, so to speak. Matrix is ​​a serious matter :)))
Nikolay ErS
Nikolay ErS
Answered on November 23, 2014 16:23
MAIN THING - do not climb there yourself! you can break everything and ruin it. Immediately you need to carry your unit to the service center, and in any case - on the warranty or not. If the warranty, then, of course, cool, free will do everything.and if it is over, it is in any case better than you would start poking around there. you will be repaired. and the sooner you bring, the better.

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