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What to cook for a party with friends

What to cook for a party with friends?

After a couple of days, my friends promised to come to visit. Advise that you can quickly cook, so that not very heavy food was for the stomach. We are going to sit for a while and then walk around Krasnodar in the evening.
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Tesla maris
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A couple of light salads can cook, but without mayonnaise. Canapeshka can still be made or tartlets with tuna and olives. Everything is prepared quickly and easily. It takes me a maximum of an hour to do this if I buy products in advance.
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Make yourself a list of what you need to buy and what you will cook. Then you have enough time for everything. I bake potatoes with olive oil and herbs for such quick parties, make a light salad of Chinese cabbage, chicken and pineapple, seasoned with plain yogurt. For dessert - coffee cream can be prepared. Or order something from the desserts in the candy store.
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The author, if you plan to walk around the city later, you do not need to cook a lot. You can even order some kind of food at a restaurant for a light snack - pizza, rolls or several types of yakitori. For example, here is the sushi delivery - they work late. It seems to me that such a menu would be quite enough for a female company. And on a walk you can go drink coffee with dessert.

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