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What to choose: vps hosting or virtual hosting?

Ivan Orlov
Ivan Orlov
September 24, 2017
What to choose: vps hosting or virtual hosting?

In the modern world, the Internet is a powerful platform for business development - the promotion of its services and products among potential consumers. In this process, a correctly created and well-promoted website plays a key role. It is also important to provide enough resources to fully support the Internet project, and therefore, choose the appropriate option - a virtual server or VPS.

To understand which of the options will justify the investment and is better suited for your business, let's look at this question in more detail.

Hosting vps or shared hosting?

Such a remote server for data storage, like VPS, is a dedicated virtual hosting, which opens up a lot of opportunities for the development of large Internet sites. The development of your project on the Internet is limited by the hosting resources allocated, for example, the size of disk space and RAM, processor time, etc.

Let's announce the clear advantages of VPS hosting:

  • a dedicated IP address or even a few;
  • the ability to create any number of sites, mailboxes, databases;
  • full access to the site with root-rights.


On such a server, you will be able to independently install any software, change the operating system, and carry out a lot of other manipulations. Of course, along with the advantages, there are also disadvantages. For example, getting root-rights, you take responsibility for the administration of sites - your provider will not perform this work. Since not everyone will cope with this task, you will have to hire a specialist or undergo special training.

When it makes sense to move to a dedicated virtual server

It all depends on your plans and scope of the project. If you plan to limit the portal for internal use, the resources of a virtual hosting will be enough for you. But if you intend to develop further, expanding the project and conquering new users, it makes sense to switch to VPS. When working on a large Internet project with far-reaching plans, the VPS will quickly pay for itself.In such situations, spending on advanced functionality, root-rights and other bonuses are fully justified and will bear fruit in the form of increasing traffic and increasing the number of sales.

If you doubt the feasibility of switching to VPS, consult with experts who will analyze and evaluate all the pros and cons of transferring your project to a dedicated virtual server.


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