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What to bake from kefir?

Today we will talk about a rather useful and tasty product, which is good both in itself and in making various dishes from it, for example, baking. Kefir - the hero of our conversation today. Let's see what you can bake from kefir. We will consider simple recipes, both in composition and in technology, so that anyone, even the beginning hostess, can cope with them.

Kefir cake without flour - a recipe

What to bake from kefir, when the products are not so much? Economy version of kefir mannica cake specifically for this occasion.

We will need: of course, kefir (400-500 ml.) And semolina (1 cup); 2 eggs (or three if small); sugar (100 grams, but look to taste, who needs sweeter, put more); For flavor, you can add vanilla sugar or vanillin, also to taste; baking powder (1.5 teaspoons) or soda (2 tsp without slides); Butter only to lubricate the form. Silicone molds can not be lubricated.

This is the composition of the economy option. If there is an opportunity, you can add raisins, nuts (any to your taste), lemon zest (a tablespoon finely grated); cocoa; candied fruit, etc.In general, as the fantasy tells.

Cooking manna:

  1. In a bowl (large enough, we will make dough later) pour kefir and gradually begin to add semolina, stirring. Leave the kefir with the decoy for swelling for 30 minutes (it can be longer). If the house is warm, and you plan to insist for a long time, put the kefir and semolina in the refrigerator.
  2. When the semolina swells, continue making dough. By the way, you can already turn on the oven, if it is electric, let it warm up to 190 degrees.
  3. Beat eggs with vanilla sugar. Then add soda (baking powder), mix everything.
  4. Pour the eggs in kefir with semolina, mix well until smooth. By the way, it is at this moment that additional ingredients need to be added: cocoa, raisins, nuts, etc. By the way, if you add raisins, sprinkle it with a little flour before adding to the dough so that it does not stick together and evenly distributed.
  5. Pour the dough into the form, send it to the oven. Willingness, as usual, check the wooden skewer (toothpick, match).

What can you bake from kefir yet?

Hearty cake on kefir

Ingredients for a hearty cake (as an option, you can vary as desired).

  • Dough: kefir (1.5 cups); flour (1.5 tbsp); eggs (2); salt (teaspoon), the same amount of soda or baking powder (2 tsp.).
  • Stuffing: boiled until half cooked potatoes; meat (boiled) or roasted minced meat; bow; black pepper. Variations of the filling: potatoes + mushrooms; potatoes + meat + mushrooms; meat + mushrooms; sausages instead of meat; potatoes + cheese + meat. In general, a flight of fancy.

Cooking dough:

Eggs mix with half kefir, salt, beat (you can combine). Add soda / baking powder, gradually add flour, stirring. We add kefir to the end. There are different eggs in size, different flour, so the number of ingredients is always an approximate figure. Focus on the fact that the dough should resemble a thick but fluid (!) Sour cream.

Form the cake:

Choose a convenient form, well, if it is a frying pan that can be sent to the oven. We grease with oil, we spread the selected filling on it: for example, onion rings, potato circles, meat (finely chopped or minced), you can again potatoes. Sprinkle with pepper and other spices (if desired) between the layers of the filling, pour all the dough.

Put the cake in the oven for 20 minutes at 200 degrees. Again, remember the individuality of the ovens.


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