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What to ask the girl?

"How many girls are good, how many gentle names ... But only one of them is disturbing when in love!" The old song performed by a romantic singer reminds of love ... So you sit and think about the favorite name of your beloved girl. Or about the housemate. Or just about a friend of a friend. Girls are mysterious creatures, especially for guys. One of the frequently asked questions that excites young people: "What can you ask a girl?". And if you also fell deeply in love, and even for the first time, and you do not know how to talk to her, then this is all bad! But situations are different. Depending on them, the questions to the beautiful half of humanity can be completely different. The task of the stronger sex is to choose the right words and express your thoughts.

Questions to the girl: determine the situation

First, determine the familiar girls that surround you - what do you want to achieve from them. It can be girls-neighbors, girls on study / work, a girl in which you are in love ... But there are a lot of girls in the world! Generally speaking, guys can expect from different girls love relationships, sex, friendship or help.And each girl is individual, and in order not to be in a mess when communicating with her, you need to get to know her well. For example, on the first date for one girl, the topic of sex will not be forbidden, but if you talk about it with some other girl, then she may find it too personal and she will have a bad opinion about you. Here is such a difficult science - communication with girls! But if you are a smart guy, then you shouldn’t have big difficulties in this matter. Let's imagine some typical situations and decide on what questions you can ask a girl, based on the prevailing circumstances.

Situation 1: Operation “First Date”

Your task: to interest the girl, to draw her attention to yourself, so to say “hook”!

It is very important to create a pleasant impression of yourself. The best option: to be interested in her life, asking questions about her life, about what she is interested in, what she loves. You must show sincere interest and desire to know about her as much as possible! Just do not overdo it!

You can: be interested in her hobby, main occupation in life, family, hobbies, habits, tastes and preferences in cinema, music, etc., attitude to a particular event in public life.

You should not: ask rhetorical questions, uninteresting and “wiped” (like: “How are you?”).

You can not: ask delicate and very personal questions, insist that she talk about what is unpleasant for her or about what is her secret; insistently ask about past love relationships, material conditions, religion; humiliate your questions or ask for praise from her (like: “Is it true that I am so cool, just chose this place for a date?”).

Situation 2: Check the girl for feelings

Your task: to find out what the girl feels for you. A conversation may arise due to different circumstances: one of your friends started a rumor that the beloved is cheating; or you have been dating for a long time, but you can not understand how it relates to you. In any case, the conversation should clarify everything. If you meet for quite some time and are open for each other, then it will be easier for you. And if not, then you will have to think carefully over your own words and follow the intonation: girls perceive speech very subtly.

You can: Ask soft leading questions (for example, ask which guy she would love, and what kind of relationship she should have with him in order for love to emerge. Then compare her answer with yourself and with your relationship).Slowly and unobtrusively go over questions about what a girl feels for you (“Do you like me?”). Try to speak in an even, calm voice, looking straight into her eyes. Thus, you will not give her a chance to get away from the question, and by her reaction you can also learn a lot about it.

You should not: intrusively ask questions that are built on a comparison of you and her former partners.

You can not: Ask the main questions immediately and in the forehead. The girl may be embarrassed, and you will get a crumpled or slurred answer, or maybe even a false one.

The closer and longer your relationship, the more you can afford to ask her questions about feelings. Admit that the question: “Do you love me?” On the first date in most cases will sound silly, but after several months of a relationship, it is quite relevant. This concerns feelings. Otherwise, you can communicate with your beloved girlfriend, as with a girlfriend - girlfriend. How to do it - read below.

Situation 3: “A friend of my harsh days ...”

Your task: to maintain friendship with an interesting person. No matter what they say, in my opinion, friendship between a man and a woman is quite possible. If you agree with me, then you probably already have a girlfriend.The main rule that needs to be learned is: understand that a girlfriend is different from a boyfriend.

You can: be interested in her life, including "girlish things", talk about her, ask her advice (especially in relations with girls) - it will be nice for her, and you will find it useful, because you will learn a lot about girls.

You should not: start talking on topics that are poorly known to girls and ask your girlfriend about a new car brand if it is not interesting to her.

You can not: ask questions that contain shades of superiority of guys over girls; rude questions that a guy could easily ask. Do not forget that she is a girl.

Situation 4: “Girls are ordinary”

Every day you are surrounded by many girls of different ages, each of which is engaged in his own business. And you, willy-nilly, have to communicate with them. These are saleswomen, librarians, roommates, classmates, etc. With most of them, you talk about what you need. For example, you need to find out something, ask for help, buy something; explain how to cut your hair, etc.

You can: and even need! Ask accurate and polite questions.She must understand exactly what you need, and at the same time you do not need to spoil your impression.

You should not: be interested in the interlocutor's personal life or have long conversations on topics like a girlfriend girlfriend, unless you are interested in this girlfriend as a future girlfriend or lover. Do not take away extra time from a person, and you need no such information.

You can not: roughly contact, solicit, demand. It is preferable to refer to an unfamiliar girl to “you” rather than to “you”.

Ask the questions correctly

As it was said earlier, girls feel very subtly not only what you say, but also how you say. Therefore, the following general rules for communicating with girls are also useful:

  • Ask clearly, clearly and looking into your eyes if you want to get an answer to your question.
  • Do not use swear words.
  • Do not ask stupid, boring and inappropriate questions about the situation.
  • Be original. It is not worth while using the girls to use hackneyed phrases like: “Where is the nofelet?”, “How are you?”, “What time is it?”, Etc.
  • Do not ask the girl that she does not know or is completely uninteresting.
  • Speak in a kind and distinct voice.
  • Show intonation that you are interested in talking with her.
  • Speak loudly enough. Do not mumble under his breath, but screaming in the whole of Ivanovo is also not necessary.
  • Be polite and correct. If you see that the girl does not like your question, transfer the conversation to another topic.

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