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Do you have a sofa?

For a very long time, I hiccupped a sofa in my apartment so that it would fit into my interior, so that it would be of high quality and serve for at least one year. Somehow I went to a regular designer furniture store. The bookcase on Marshal Zhukov Avenue and my eyes ran away. Under any style, you can choose a sofa, I ordered myself in the modern style and got another discount. I am very pleased with the purchase, but what is your sofa?
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Answered on October 8, 2017 00:03
That's so yeah
Answered on April 10 03:18
And we have a very original sofa and beds were purchased in the studio forged furniture "Steel Ideas": We made it on an individual order and the manager of the company helped us a lot in this matter. The furniture turned out strong and durable. The finished furniture was brought to us by the staff of the company. Now all our friends were delighted with such original furniture and many also want to order a similar one.

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