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What should be a kindergarten?

This article is for those who live in large cities, and who have or will soon have children. Let's talk about how a kindergarten should be, so that your child goes there not to “serve a sentence”, but to receive care, full communication and a lot of useful information about the world. Of course, it’s good when there is an opportunity to leave a child with one of the parents or with grandparents, but for some children, especially the overly closed and uncommunicative, a kindergarten can become a real lifesaver.

New kindergartens

What makes a good kindergarten from not very good? Of course, the attitude towards children. And the very first criterion by which you need to watch a kindergarten for your baby is the number of children in a group. Kindergartens today are very different in this regard: from 6-8 to 30-35 children in the same group. It is clear that the more children in a group, the higher the risk, for example, catching cold during a walk (try to keep track of everyone). Therefore, it is better to find a kindergarten with small groups, where children are under good supervision.This is also important in terms of the attention that the caregiver will give to each child. Try to carefully check the assignments and explain something to each of the 30 tomboy - much easier and more productive to do it when the kids in the group are only 8-10. Moreover, it will not affect the socialization of your child at all - for this, it is enough to communicate regularly even with two or three peers. The next criterion by which it is desirable to select a kindergarten for your child is the development programs for preschoolers in the garden, created by special teachers and implemented by specially trained educators. After all, the better this garden than a house? Imagine yourself as a teacher of physical education, drawing, music, rhythm, or even a teacher of labor. Submitted? Can you handle it? If yes, then great, if not - look for a suitable garden. Do not hesitate to be interested in the leadership of what programs are in their kindergarten. Well, if there is a kindergarten site, where everything can be studied in detail before you go "to explore." As a rule, a lot of information and food for thought will be given to you by the photos of the kindergarten - which rooms are inside, what the educators do with the children.

Other important criteria

Kindergarten teachers should be with pedagogical education, and the head should be active and responsible. Only then can we say that your child in such a garden will be loved, and not treated as an unnecessary burden. And for this you need to look and look. I already told you about the site and photos, but this is not enough. After you liked everything on the Internet, you need to go and talk with the staff of the preschool institution personally. Good people in this field are far from being as rare as they usually think, so look for - and be sure to find, perhaps even far from home. As for the human qualities of kindergarten workers, then believe me, basically, those people who really love children go to this sphere. This is not a school for you, although in a school of decent teachers, I consider it more than formalists and / or villains. What else do you need to pay attention to? Of course, the daily routine and diet. It is important that the food was varied and beneficial to the child. There are certain nutritional standards for preschoolers that can be found on the Internet and check with them the institution of interest.Well, the last thing is a well-organized monitoring of children and a lot of experience. Believe me, it is better to give the child to experienced teachers in a regular kindergarten than to spend huge money on the “elite”, which exists without a year a week and it’s not known how it is with control, quality of food, variety of classes. Kindergartens often become sources of myths. So, it is believed that educators are mostly hard-core people who don't care about children. According to the experience of friends, I will say that it is not so - more precisely, in most cases it is not so. And the attitude to the child does not depend at all on the “status” of the institution, so experts and advise parents to come to the kindergarten personally in front of their baby’s device and find out everything thoroughly.


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