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What should be a citizen?

Oksana Logunova
Oksana Logunova
11 April 2013
What should be a citizen?

Every worthy citizen of Russia must not only have his own rights, but also know them and, of course, be able to defend. Also, citizens are obliged to know not only their personal rights, but also their duties and not to neglect them. After all, the performance of civil obligations to the state, is a manifestation of respect for themselves and others. Only a worthy citizen can help his homeland become stronger, richer and better.

The rights and freedoms of citizens of Russia are protected by the constitution of the Russian Federation. Human rights and freedoms are conditionally divided into several groups, but it is very difficult to divide them, since some rights can be assigned both to one group and to another. Let us consider in detail the three groups into which the rights and freedoms of citizens are divided.

The rights and freedoms of citizens

  • The first group includes personal rights that a person acquires from the moment of birth and retains throughout life. These rights include: the right to personal integrity, the right to life, and the right to privacy.
  • The second group includes the political rights of citizens, which include: the right to hold rallies, the right to hold meetings, the right to participate in public affairs.
  • The third group includes economic, social and spiritual rights, which include: the right to work and rest, the right to own private property.

Also, a very important role for a person is played by the legal status of a citizen of Russia, which is enshrined in more than one law and by-law. Legal status is a kind of complex of rights and obligations that are enshrined in administrative law. It is worth noting that the legal status enshrines in itself not all rights and obligations of a person. Such rights and obligations include those that are established through regulatory acts.

It should be noted that a worthy citizen of Russia is a person who is not only familiarized in detail with all his rights and duties, but also knows how to use them. Of course, it is impossible not to note the fact that a decent citizen must love his homeland and try to do everything in his power for its good.

A new citizen of Russia is, first of all, a person who boasts knowledge of laws, and knowledge of laws is a culture of a person and his reliable shield that will protect him if someone from the environment neglects his rights. From the foregoing, it can be concluded that it is simply necessary to know your rights and obligations. After all, such knowledge not only protects citizens, but also emphasizes their education and culture. In addition, you should know and their responsibilities. Since a citizen must protect the country in which he lives, respect the rules adopted in it. All this will allow you to live well and safely. So you learned what should be a citizen of Russia.


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