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What save in different countries

How someone will suddenly resent: "This is possible only with us!" - and the other will add the phrase that was full of nausea: "And here in Paris ..." It seems, indeed, somewhere there people on their heads go and do not think about the accumulation and management of personal Finance. Look at what people in different countries save money for?


What save in different countries

The Germans confirm the stereotype about them as of thrifty, financially literate people. Thus, it is customary in the country to set aside 10% of income on a savings account. And the Germans do not forget about pension savings: monthly, without interruptions, "a piggy bank for old age" is replenished with a certain amount. As for standard items of expenditure, many will be surprised that the inhabitants of Germany cannot be called shopaholics. The reason for replenishing with new clothes from the wardrobe can only be a sale with a maximum discount of 70-90%, otherwise why overpay? But the Germans do not deny themselves travel. And they save for the next trip, saving electricity and water (multi-tariff meters, night-time washing, moderate heating).


What save in different countries

In Japan, the territory is small, and the life expectancy is high.Consequently, all the issues of home purchase are extremely expensive. It takes years, and not many decades, before the average Japanese can save up for the purchase of housing. As for the notorious mortgage, the down payment is very large. If we consider food expenses, then the Japanese can afford to buy fruit, while meat and fish, on the contrary, are a budget food option. As for pension savings, the Japanese do not seek to end their employment relationship with the employer, having reached the “elegant” age. Fashionable, prestigious and very common in Japan to work until the last breath. Moreover, the business treats retired people with full attention: profile employment agencies are opening up, companies offer an employment contract with special conditions for pensioners. Now there is a wave of startups in the country, based on people aged 50+. With regard to the formation of pension savings, it is considered, since state pensions are extremely small, that everyone should take care of himself, therefore, it is customary to show financial responsibility towards yourself in the future.


What save in different countries

We will not go to experienced analysts, but simply say with confidence that the French do not save on gourmet cuisine. The menu in the restaurant is a journey filled with impressions that cannot be saved. However, the rest of the French may well enter into an economy competition with the Germans. Again, there is awe at the sight of sales, discounts, special conditions.


What save in different countries

Americans primarily think about housing and old age. Consequently, most have a mortgage and pension savings. And everyone understands that the world is unstable, so Americans often form several pensions at once through compulsory insurance and non-state security (today this is also possible in Russia, by the way). With the advent of a child in the family, it is decided to open a savings account "for college". Everyone understands that a good education is a successful future. If we talk about food and clothing, then in general it is a small expense. There is a clear understanding of when and where you want to look expensive, for example, when you are awarded the Oscar, and you can save money on other days. But "saving" - the word still not about the Americans.They prefer to take loans, play casinos, attend sports events and, of course, buy, and get into debt, expensive cars and luxury jewelry.


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