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What salad to cook?

Salads are considered to be one of the most common dishes in cooking, as they are easy to prepare and also have beneficial properties for humans. If you want to cook something original, but do not know which salad to cook, then the information outlined below will help you.

The history of salads

The very first salads began to appear about 2000 years ago in ancient Rome and consisted of green leaves of lettuce, onions, herbs and vegetables, seasoned with salt and vinegar. In the Renaissance, in Europe, salads became mandatory additions to meat dishes and included parsley, mint and cheese. Subsequently, artichokes, cucumbers, cabbage, potatoes, mushrooms were used in the preparation of salads, and wine, lemon juice, salt and olive oil were added to salad dressings. The appearance of mayonnaise can be considered a revolutionary moment in the history of salads, thanks to which the salad has become very popular among all segments of the population.

Today salads occupy a solid place in the menu of each person, and there is hardly a person who would not know what salads can be made.In the understanding of modern man, a salad is a dish of finely chopped vegetables, mushrooms, meat, fish, eggs, seafood and other ingredients, seasoned with special sauces and other ingredients (mayonnaise, butter, sour cream, etc.).

Classification of salads

The history of salads is so wide and multifaceted that nowadays salad recipes number in the thousands. In order to understand what salads are, let's turn to their classifications. We will focus on three criteria by which salads can be divided into groups: method of preparation and ingredients.

According to the method of preparation, salads are divided into the following types:

  • simple and complex (it all depends on the number of ingredients - there are either a lot of them or cooking comes from one product);
  • cold and hot (cold salads are considered to be widespread, but the salad recipe develops, therefore there are both warm and even hot salads);
  • mixed and layered (as a rule, salads consist of chopped products mixed together, but there are recipes by which a salad is created in layers).

If we consider what salads are by ingredients, then their classification approximately looks like this:

  • Vegetable salads.They are prepared from raw, canned or boiled (vinaigrettes) vegetables and greens, be sure to serve them on the table at once, in order to preserve freshness.
  • Fruit salads. These salads are considered dietary, made from natural fruits with the addition of vegetables and served as desserts.
  • Mushroom salads. They are prepared either from fresh boiled mushrooms, either from pickled or salted ones with the addition of onions.
  • Bean Salads They usually include peas, beans, beans or lentils and are considered very nourishing because they contain a lot of protein.
  • Meat salads. They are considered the most common and sought-after, including in their composition beef, various meat products and poultry with the addition of hot sauces.
  • Fish salads. They are made from different varieties of fish, which can be pickled, smoked, pickled, fried or just boiled. If you are looking for a salad to prepare from this category, then on our site there are recipes - “How to cook mimosa salad?” And “How to cook herring under a fur coat?”.
  • Seafood salads. These salads have become widespread quite recently - they include squids, shrimps, sea kale, octopus rings and other oceanic products.
  • Salads from cereals and pasta.In these salads are widely used Italian pasta, rice and buckwheat.
  • Salads with dairy products. These salads are considered dietary, as they usually contain cottage cheese and cheese.

Some salad recipes

Existing salad recipes use products that need to be combined with each other to taste. Also, when preparing such dishes, it is necessary to use a dressing that suits your taste, otherwise, making a mistake, you can spoil the whole prepared salad.

If you think you can make salads, then on our website you can use the recipes of mixed salads - “How to make Greek salad?” And “How to make Caesar salad?”. Below we give recipes for champignon salad and seafood salad.

Champignon salad

Ingredients: by? red, yellow, green sweet pepper, 150 g of champignons, 100 g of cheese, dill, lemon juice, mayonnaise.

  • chop small pepper;
  • fry the champignons in the pan until cooked;
  • Grate the grated cheese;
  • mix everything, add dill and sprinkle with lemon juice;
  • season the salad with mayonnaise.

Shrimp Salad

Ingredients: 300 g shrimp, 4 tomatoes, 2 onions, 3 carrots, 100 g cream, seasoning for shrimp, salt.

  • wash the peeled shrimps, put on the fire, bring to a boil, remove, drain the water;
  • fry finely chopped onions and grated carrots in a frying pan, then add to the container with shrimps;
  • lightly fry the tomatoes cut in small slices in a pan, then add to the container with shrimps;
  • mix the resulting mass, salt, add seasoning for shrimp and cream;
  • cook on the fire for about 10 minutes, stirring slowly, serve on the table chilled.

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