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What does philosophy study?

July 25, 2012
What does philosophy study?

Philosophy is perhaps one of the most generalized sciences. It is difficult to say unequivocally what philosophy is and what philosophy studies.

What is philosophy

The literal translation of the word "philosophy" (from Greek) means - "love of wisdom." Philosophy is considered as a science and theory, as a special way of knowledge and as a way of human activity. Philosophy is a discipline that studies the fundamental principles of reality, the most essential signs of the development of nature, thinking, and society; the science of the relationship of man and the world.

This complexity of the definition rightly raises the question, what is the study of the science of philosophy?

Subject of study

Every science has its own subject of study. For example, the subject of history is the events of the past; the subject of astronomy is celestial bodies. The question of the subject of the study of philosophy remains open to this day. The debate continues, and we can say that it is a science of everything.

In different eras, different thinkers offered their answers to the question of the subject of philosophy. For example, consider the view of Marxism-Leninism.This school considered fundamentally important two questions that were the core of philosophical knowledge:

  1. The fact that the primary - the spirit or matter. The question comes from the division of the world into the ideal and the material from the moment of the birth of philosophy. At the heart of this: what is dominant - the spiritual world over matter or the material world over the spiritual.
  2. The question of the knowability of the world. The knowledge of man himself and the world.

Questions that do not have a universally accepted answer are the essence of philosophy. "for what" is man? "What is the meaning of life? Why do we live?

Hegel saw the goal of philosophy in the search for truth based on the unfolding of subjective ideas. Others saw the goal of philosophy more broadly. Being a philosophical science, philosophy aims to seek answers to more general questions: about the universe, about God, about reality in general, and about thinking.

Philosophy can be defined more narrowly, existentially. So they say about the presence of their own philosophy for each person. Here she is understood as a certain system of views on the world, surrounding reality. These views are based on the person’s life experience.


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