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What kind of meat grinder to buy?

Probably everyone in the kitchen has an old Soviet meat grinder. For many years she served faithfully, grinding not one kilogram of meat. But sooner or later it is time to change it to a more modern model. For those who have not thought about which meat grinder to buy before, it will be useful to find out what you should pay attention to when choosing it.

Main criteria

The main criterion when choosing a meat grinder, of course, is its power. If you are just deciding which meat grinder to choose, give preference to models with a capacity of 1 kilowatt or more. Then, in the process of use, you will not have problems with stringy meat. If you decide to purchase a low-power model, get ready for the fact that you have to thoroughly clean the meat grinder from films and veins beforehand.

Pay attention to the material from which the meat grinder is made. Its body can be both plastic and stainless steel. Plastic models are cheaper, but steel is much stronger. Pay special attention to knives - those that are made of low-quality steel will not last long.

Also ask how many attachments are included. The number will depend on their quantity, how many functions the meat grinder will be able to perform - from simple grinding of meat, to preparing tomato juice and cutting vegetables.

Which company to choose

Now, when you found out what details you need to pay attention to first of all, you probably have another question - which company’s meat grinder to choose? Let's consider the advantages and disadvantages of meat grinders from leading manufacturers.


Kenwood meat grinders have a lot of advantages. They are powerful, reliable, equipped with various nozzles, the number of which depends on the model. The case of the meat grinder can be executed both from a stainless steel, and from plastic. Therefore, everyone can choose the design that he likes.

Their only drawback - the noise during operation, but given the speed with which the meat grinder grinds meat, you will not have to endure it for long.


Panasonic meat grinders - not the cheapest, but reliable. Their undoubted advantage is low noise with high power. All main parts are metal, and steel knives are forged and self-sharpening.

By cons Panasonic can be attributed to the length of the power cord - it is definitely short.


Moulinex offers very high-quality meat grinders, in which the screw and knives are made of high-alloy steel. Thanks to it, the rust does not threaten your meat grinder. In addition, the kit includes various nozzles, the number of which depends on the model of the unit.


If you think which meat grinder to buy without spending extra money, choose Zelmer. These machines have many advantages - low cost, quiet operation, the ability to quickly and efficiently grind meat. In addition, they are equipped with a variety of nozzles that are stored in an integrated container.

As you can see, choose a good meat grinder is easy if you know what to look for when buying.


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