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What makes you smile?

Let's start with the simplest: what makes you smile? And what does a smile mean in general?

Why do people smile

People smile for different reasons, but, by and large, it all comes down to a few typical situations. Making a smile can, firstly, be a good joke - a good one in understanding the person who will smile at her. The other one may well not respond to such a joke or even get angry. What is a joke? In fact, it is in one way or another, ridiculing something: character traits, the situation, etc. Thus, in order to be funny and make you smile, the joke must hit the mark, and also not be offensive to the one to whom she was told. Also, this category includes any other humor: jokes, comedian performances, comedy films and so on. The next option, in which a person can smile, is irony. Not always a smile can mean fun and good, blissful mood. A person can quite smile and mockingly, there is even such a verb: grin.However, it is not always possible to immediately distinguish a smile from a smirk.

A man smiles - it means he is well

And if a person utters the phrase: you made me smile. So, we are talking about a situation that is not at all like the ones described above. This means that we have raised the mood of a person - and not necessarily a good joke. This may be a nice gift, and a subtly said compliment. In this case, a smile is not a reaction to humor, but a sign of a significantly improved mood. Based on this, we can safely say that a smile, most often, is the most obvious indicator of a good mood. After all, it happens that we smile just like that, just because we are good. And, such a smile, as a rule, looks the most happy. When a person is good - he smiles. The main purpose of a smile is to serve as a symbol of good mood, and the rest is secondary. Because they usually laugh at humor when they sneer at it - a smile will surely be replaced by a grimace of discontent or other similar feeling. And, only a good mood, can keep a smile on his face for a very long time, especially when a person thinks that no one sees him. In this case, more often than not, we can observe a kind, innocent sincere smile.

Therefore, to the question: what makes you smile, the answer is a good mood. This, by the way, is confirmed by psychologists. By the way, some psychologists are inclined to believe that often a smile on a person’s face is simply a defensive reaction. Partly, we will agree with them, but only partly. If a person smiles because of a good mood, what kind of protection are we talking about? He is just happy and fears in his soul, at this moment, have no place. Therefore, do not hesitate to smile. Contrary to the general statement that “this is annoying to everyone,” we affirm that we should not smile for others, but, first of all, for ourselves.


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