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What is the web?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
August 6, 2012
What is the web?

The word "web" is often used to designate the world wide web, that is, the Internet, and also use the abbreviation WWW. Let's try to figure out what the web is.

The Web is a Worldwide System that provides access to related documents located on different computers connected to the Internet. The World Wide Web consists of millions of web servers that are located around the world. A web server is a program that is used to transfer data on networked computers.

Site concept

Having understood what the web means it is impossible not to pay attention to such a concept on the Internet as a website. What is a web site?

A site is an association of electronic documents or files of an individual or organization online that is under the same name or address. Sites are part of the web. They combine the information of the world community into a single whole. A website can be located on one or on multiple servers.

The first site appeared in 1990, it was created by Tim Bernes-Lee.It posted information about new technologies WWW, as well as the principles of installing browsers and servers.

The concept of the site page

In addition to such a concept as a website, there is also the concept of a web page. Most of the sources on the world wide web are hypertext. And now let's understand what a web page means?

A web page is hypertext documents that are on the world wide web. In turn, several web pages that have a common theme, design, are connected between themselves, are located on the same web server, and are called a web site. In order to view or download a web page, special programs have been created, which are called browsers. All these concepts interact with each other.

Each of us can have our own page on the Internet, it can be either a separate web site or a page within another site. The site name depends on the domain name. Services for placing websites on the Internet are called hosting.

Internet - a source of knowledge

Today, the World Wide Web is a source of information for each of us. Each site contains useful information that helps us grow.After all, we are looking for answers to many questions on the Internet. Today, with the help of the Internet, we can buy something, even without leaving home. We should not forget about such a useful thing that the Internet provides us, as communication. After all, with the help of it we can communicate with a person who is hundreds or thousands of kilometers away from us. The Internet has greatly changed our life for the better!


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