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What is the year of the Horse?

On the eve of the New Year there are always many pleasant worries: in addition to preparing a festive menu and buying gifts, you need to take care of the dress for the New Year's Eve. Many try to choose clothes for the New Year in accordance with the traditions of the Eastern calendar.
2014 is the year of the horse. What is the Year of the Horse? Choosing an outfit, of course, we must take into account the preferences of the hostess of the year. Blue, green, violet, blue, gray colors and their combinations are considered to be the most popular on New Year's Eve. Astrologers do not recommend dressing up in yellow, lilac and orange tones. It would be nice to give your side some extravagance or at least a little unusual. At the same time, it is desirable to maintain finesse and elegance in the details of clothing. Strive to create a harmonious image, focusing on jewelry and shoes. Everything will be fashionable from wood, including even jewelry, although traditional ones will also be in demand, especially black pearls and aquamarine. And now let's talk about what to wear on New Year's Eve in 2014, depending on its sign of the Eastern calendar.

The choice of color of the dress depending on your sign

  • Rat.Fortune will be favorable to you if you wear clothes of bronze or golden brown on New Year's Eve. Success with the opposite sex will provide a bright yellow color. Happiness will bring a diamond, sapphire and amber.
  • Bull. Pay attention to your clothes were saturated with shades of white, cream and light green. You can also meet the Year of the Horse in dark-colored clothing: all shades of gray will fit - from the darkest to the lightest. Happiness will bring agate, cat's eye and moonstone.
  • Tiger. In order for the coming year to pass calmly, without excesses and shocks, pick up clothes of green, violet or pink-lilac color. Happiness will bring stones of purple and emerald shades, as well as amethyst and black pearls.
  • Cat. On New Year's Eve, you will irresistibly look in clothes of pastel shades. Those who like bright colors can dress in rich blue. Happiness will bring topaz and sapphire.
  • The Dragon. Good luck in the coming year Horses will bring only light colors. Pink and crimson are ideal. Happiness will bring all the brilliant stones, especially the diamond.
  • Snake. You don't care what the year of the Horse is to meet.You can afford to wear a dress of any color: from the lightest to the darkest. The horse is especially favorable to you and does not notice petty pranks. Happiness will bring all the blue stones and turquoise.
  • Horse. Almost everything is allowed, but you should not choose gray: there is a risk to turn all subsequent days of your year into dull gray days. Happiness will bring emerald, moonstone and green jade.
  • Sheep. Your neighbor allows you to make a fairly extensive selection among the colors of Christmas dresses. You can wear purple, red, deep purple, blue, black and ultramarine clothes. Happiness will bring ruby, amber, carnelian and other warm stones.
  • A monkey. To make your life rich and bright this year, wear red, pink or crimson. Happiness will bring pomegranate, heliotrope or ruby.
  • Cock. To meet the Year of the Horse is better for you in clothes combining yellow and brown colors. The combination of beige and cream is less effective, but quite justified. Happiness will bring tourmaline, alexandrite, agate or amethyst.
  • Dog. Natural maximalism will require your classics and elegance - a combination of white and black colors. Large silver jewelry is very acceptable for women. Sapphire and pearls will bring happiness.
  • Pig.A little prudence this year will not prevent you. The financial situation will help correct shades of blue or green. Happiness will bring sapphire or a diamond.

Regardless of where and how you will celebrate the New Year, make sure that the house is decorated with many wooden souvenirs and crafts. Regardless of the breed, the tree will bring warmth, well-being and comfort to the house. Leave the wooden bowl with oats on the table to win the kindness and condescension of the mistress of the coming year. Above the entrance, be sure to nail a horseshoe, ideally a real one. This year her strength will increase many times and bring happiness to the owner.


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