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What is the regulation?

May 20, 2015
What is the regulation?

The word "regulation" is used in the scientific field, and has different meanings.

Let us take a closer look at what regulation is, in what meanings a given word is used.

Regulation is a process of normalization, streamlining of any functions of the body. This is the body's desire to recover from damage or loss of any part.

In biology, humoral and neurohumoral regulation is distinguished. Humoral regulation refers to one of the earliest types of regulation of processes in the body, which is produced through fluids (lymph, blood, etc.). Various hormones that secrete cells, tissues and organs are involved in this. In highly developed organisms, humoral regulation depends on the nervous regulation, together they form a common system. Neurohumoral regulation is a form of physiological regulation, where nerve impulses and substances carried by body fluids are involved in the overall process of regulation. The higher centers of this type of regulation are located in the hypothalamus, and the nervous excitation that occurs in the brain is transmitted through its subcortical regions.

In addition, there is a regulation of import.


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