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What is the harm from epidural anesthesia?

Epidural anesthesia is now widespread. With this method of anesthesia, anesthetic is injected directly into the space surrounding the solid membrane of the spinal cord. The use of epidural anesthesia helps relieve generic pain, accelerates cervical dilatation, and stimulates labor activity. It is often used in cases where a woman is given a cesarean section.
Despite the high efficiency, many doctors prefer not to use this method of anesthesia during the natural course of labor. Its use is considered far from safe, as it can entail a number of serious consequences affecting both the health of the mother and the health of the child.
The use of epidural anesthesia may impede the course of the second stage of labor. If the doctor does not correctly calculate the dosage of the drug or injects the medicine too late,childbirth can end in a cesarean section, since the woman in labor will simply not feel the effort and will not be able to manage them effectively.
Complications can occur as a result of improper introduction of the anesthetic into the intervertebral space. Even spinal cord injuries are possible. Often hematomas form at the puncture site. As a result of non-compliance with certain sanitary standards, the use of anesthesia may result in septic meningitis.
In some cases, after the application of anesthesia in women in labor there is an increase in body temperature, tremors, chills. These symptoms can be confused with signs of an ongoing inflammatory process, so doctors often prescribe antibiotics to women, which has a very negative effect on their own health and on the health of newborns.
The use of epidural anesthesia increases the chances of imposing obstetric forceps during labor. Often, women who have received such anesthesia complain of pain in the lumbar region and headaches that can be felt for 5 months or more after giving birth.
Epidural anesthesia can also have negative effects on newborns.They may experience breathing problems requiring immediate hospitalization, forced ventilation of the lungs. In addition, these babies often have problems with sucking breasts, impaired motility. Often the use of this method of anesthesia leads to disruption of the child's connection with the mother.

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