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What is the function of the sebaceous glands

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The sebaceous glands are located on the human skin between the hair follicles and the muscles that lift the hair. The structure of the gland can be attributed to the alveolar type, as they consist of a sac and excretory duct.
The production of sebum begins with the work of the muscle that lifts the hair. Moving on the surface of the hair, the secret is on the surface of the skin. Such glands have excretory ducts opening into the hair follicles. On the human body there are places where the sebaceous glands are absent. These parts include the feet and palms.
There are also glands with excretory ducts opening directly to the skin surface, since the excretory flow is connected to the upper layer of the epidermis. In large quantities, they are concentrated on those parts of the body where the hair is missing.During the day they release about 20 g of sebum.
The number and activity of the sebaceous glands varies throughout a person’s life. This is directly related to the problem of teenage acne, acne and other skin diseases. During this period, intensive work of the sebaceous glands, accompanied by increased secretion, leads to clogging of the pores with sebum. On the face of the person the location of the sebaceous glands is the most dense.
The functions of the sebaceous glands are primarily associated with the sebum produced. The rate of sebum formation is influenced by a number of different factors, but mainly depends on the functioning of the organs of the endocrine system and the age of the person. In addition to physiological features, the activity of the sebaceous glands is associated with lifestyle. So, for example, with a strong emotional stress, the amount of the secret can greatly increase compared with its usual production.
Sebum, which consists of a mixture of lipids, enhances the barrier and antimicrobial properties of the skin. In addition, it gives the skin elasticity and protects against drying out.The composition of sebum includes a number of acids, which in a situation of contact with the skin of alkalis neutralize them. In the case of temperature changes in air, the sebaceous glands are directly involved in maintaining a constant body temperature due to physical changes in the composition of the water-lipid mantle. Products of metabolism, as well as medicinal and toxic substances are excreted from the body by the sebaceous glands due to their abundant blood supply.

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