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What is the fox dreaming about?

Irina Kosheleva
Irina Kosheleva
August 3, 2012
What is the fox dreaming about?

The image of the fox since childhood is associated with cunning, wisdom and resourcefulness. And what is the fox dreaming about?

The image of a fox in a dream is the image of the cunning enemy that you really have. Look closely at your surroundings and remember the image of Fox Patrikeevna. This person may well pretend to be your friend and gradually guide you on the wrong path.

The fiery red fox is a harbinger of hectic pastime. Alcohol and all its effects this week are provided to you.

The fox that barks foreshadows your loneliness. Moreover, you yourself will be the culprit of it, so be very careful in your relationships with loved ones.

The skin of a fox promises you a betrayal from a very close person, a meanness that will upset you very much.

If you dream of a fox that runs away from a pack of dogs - this is a symbol of your loneliness, to which you have doomed yourself.

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