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What is the witch dreaming of?

Elena Minkina
Elena Minkina
August 3, 2012
What is the witch dreaming of?

Most dream books say that seeing a witch in a dream means a person’s desire for fun and adventure. But this fun will end with disappointment, humiliation or resentment.

But there are dream books that give another explanation of what the witch dreams about:

  • To see a witch in a dream - illness, danger, depression (modern dream book);
  • Ukrainian dream book says that to see a witch in a dream foreshadows the emergence of unexpected problems and troubles.

In order to more accurately explain why the witch dreams, you need to try to remember the details of your dream. The details (the age of the witch, her appearance, what she did, etc.) play an important role in explaining the meaning of sleep:

  • A young and very beautiful witch - this dream warns you that you no longer control your environment, reality, because very busy with themselves and their appearance;
  • Meeting with the witch on the forest path - you need advice and help from an adult wise woman;
  • The old witch - you will face sorrow and grief;
  • Witch Cooking Potion - this dream reflects your unkind thoughts of the evil deed you want to do.

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