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What is the dream of a fight?

August 6, 2012
What is the dream of a fight?

A fight in real life is unlikely to entail something pleasant. The instigator you or just defend, it does not matter. And what can a fight in a dream talk about? Let's find out.

Why dream of a fight: fear or be calm

  • For a girl to see a fight of men in a dream speaks of a secret admirer who is still afraid to confess his feelings.
  • You see a fight in a dream, but do not participate yourself - perhaps you will soon be a guest, or guests will visit you
  • Fight of relatives dreams to fulfill your desires
  • Your participation in a fight is a dream to surprise, perhaps to the surprise
  • It dreams that you are the winner in a fight - expect a gift or a profitable investment
  • To dream of fighting women - be attentive to your health, sleep may portend illness
  • In the dream you were kicked - wait for profit
  • A fierce fight with knives, brass knuckles can foreshadow a conspiracy of ill-wishers. Prudence and caution will help you
  • Well, watch yourself. A fight may indicate internal conflicts, the struggle of your motives.In reality, it is a surge of energy.

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