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What is the difference between a village and a village?

Anastasia Volkova
Anastasia Volkova
December 25, 2012
What is the difference between a village and a village?

Often we confuse such concepts as village and village. Even residents of such settlements with accuracy can not identify differences, and often confuse these concepts. So, how does a village differ from a village? Let's understand this question.


Since ancient times, the main difference between the village and the village was that there should be a church in the villages, and they were absent in the villages. Naturally, later disagreements began to arise with the definition of a settlement during the censuses, but the usual names could persist for a long time. For example, in the village of Logduz, which is located in the Vologda region, a church was built after obtaining the status of a village, but it had its own status as a village. That was before the 1917 revolution. Now the borders are more blurred, therefore, for many settlements, certain names have been preserved that do not meet the definition.

What is the difference between a village and a village from a linguistic point of view? Most often the names of villages end in –kka, for example, Petrovka, Morozovka, butin no case ruble. Although, here you can still philosophize.


The village is also a settlement in which the church is included, as well as the presence of villages, railway stations, farms, villages and so on. That is, a village is something more settlement by area.

Recognize - the village or the village before it was possible, just looking at the end. Most villages ended up with –o, for example, Petrovo, Sheltozero, Ledmozero, and so on.

In many villages, the village councils began to take out the churches, and enterprises - to move to the cities. Therefore, in our time, the boundaries are erased. And it is not surprising if a villager calls him a village, and vice versa.


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