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What is the best way to wear patent leather shoes?

Lacquer shoes look bright, but it is not always appropriate. And if you wear it wrong, the image may become overly catchy or even vulgar. And in order not to become a "laughing stock", find out how to wear such shoes correctly.

When lacquer shoes are appropriate, who will it suit?

Lacquer shoes are suitable for bright people who have their own unique and original style. But conservatives and those who prefer restraint and rigor in everything, it is better to refuse this option.

Such shoes look very bright, and therefore it will be appropriate only in special cases. For example, to work in the office or on business meetings, it is undesirable to walk in it. But for going to the theater, for a party, meeting with friends or for another unofficial event, this option is just fine.

How to make a choice?

What to look for when choosing a patent shoe?

  1. What exactly to get? If you doubt that this option will suit you, but really want to find out,then start with miniature and elegant shoes, which will help create an image of a real lady, ladies from high society or even a female vamp. If you want something more modest and romantic, then buy lacquered ballet flats. But lacquered boots fit only the most courageous, because they certainly will not go unnoticed and will literally catch the eye.
  2. Decide on the model. At once it is worth noting that women's patent leather shoes should not be too rough, so massive soles, numerous straps, locks and rivets will have to be forgotten. The nose should not be wide, but excessively narrow and elongated will look ridiculous. The ideal option would be triangular or rounded. As for heels, it is appropriate as a stable (but not too thick), and studs. But the sole may well be flat, but not thick and rough.
  3. Decorative items. They are not needed at all, because shoes and so will stand out at the expense of their gloss, so additional decoration will be just superfluous and inappropriate.
  4. Colour. It is very important! The classic and versatile option is, of course, black.Beige will do as well, it will make the image more romantic, feminine and restrained, as it slightly mutes the gloss and shine. Lacquer red shoes look bold and bright, so fit only the most courageous. And to create an original image, you can pick up more interesting tones, for example, yellow, blue, pink, purple, orange, mint.

How to wear it correctly?

What is fashionable to wear patent shoes? It will depend on what you have chosen.


Suitable options

  • The court shoes will match perfectly with the dress of the fitted and slinky silhouette of the maxi or midi length. A sheath dress would be appropriate.
  • Wear a pencil skirt.
  • The sun skirt will fit just below the knees.
  • Classic, lightly tapered pants can be worn.
  • Fit a fitted jacket or jacket.
  • Choose simple opaque blouses.


If you chose varnished boots, then all other components of the kit should be concise and restrained. Pick up a simple straight or fitted coat with a strap. In the warm spring you can wear a rather strict trench coat.

Boots are combined with elegant knee-length skirts or slightly opening them, fitted or straight dresses, feminine shirts.And if you want to create a youth image, try to fill in the tops of skinny pants.

Ballet shoes

With lacquer ballets will combine trousers-puffs, simple dresses A-silhouette, fabric shirts. Pick a knitted cardigan or a straight jacket.

Boots or ankle boots

Boots or ankle boots can be worn with shortened trousers and straight skirts up to the knee-length or slightly above them, dresses fitted or loose-fitting, trench coats, jackets, shirts, cardigans.

Peculiarities of care

How to care for patent shoes?

Fundamental rules:

  1. The first and most important rule is the right sock. Wearing patent leather shoes is desirable only in fairly dry and cool weather. In the hot season, the legs will just be hot, they will sweat, which can lead to an unpleasant smell (and it's not easy to remove it from varnished materials). In addition, the intense heat does not have the best effect on the coating. Lacquered surface also suffers from high humidity, so in the rain you should choose another option.
  2. If the shoes or shoes are still wet, then gently wipe them with a dry soft rag and leave to dry in natural conditions. You can not put them on the battery or near heaters, the varnish may crack.
  3. To keep the shoe its original gloss and beautiful shine, treat it with specialized means. You can buy them in a shoe store.

Important rules

Finally, a few more important rules, the observance of which will make your image elegant, stylish and attractive:

  • Shoes can be added with another accessory, also lacquered. This may be a thin strap or clutch. In any case, such a detail should not be too massive and catchy.
  • Lacquer shoes in itself is a bright accent of the image, so give up things of complex cut.
  • Particular attention should be paid to the material from which the clothes are made. The abundance of gloss and glitter will make the image vulgar and very catchy. To avoid this, choose things from simple and non-iridescent fabrics. It can be knitwear, cotton, chiffon, batiste, viscose, jersey, cashmere and so on.
  • With lacquer shoes, it is advisable to wear only monophonic things. Moreover, the set should contain no more than three colors, otherwise the image will become overloaded and variegated.
  • You should not wear lacquer shoes with short skirts and dresses, it looks vulgar.
  • Clothes should be simple, that is, almost not decorated. The gloss and shine of the shoes will be quite enough to give a highlight to the image, so forget about lace, ruffles, rhinestones, stones, ruffles and other decorative elements.
  • Pay attention and choice of accessories. Pick a discreet but elegant. If you wear jewelry, choose concise and do not overdo it with the quantity. One string of pearls on the neck and two small pearls in the ears in the form of earrings-carnations will be enough. Large bracelets, thick chains and bulk pendants will be inappropriate.
  • Hairstyle should also be appropriate, because it is an integral part of the image. Avoid complex and voluminous structures, try not to use accessories (with the exception of studs and Invisibles). You can make a neat bunch, an elegant "shell" or light romantic waves.
  • If you can not create an image and pick up your style, try to view a few photos in fashion magazines.

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