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What is the best thing to do in the kitchen floor

The kitchen is a room with high humidity, so the material from which the floor is made must be non-hygroscopic, easily washable, and durable.

Advantages and disadvantages of ceramic floor tiles

The floor of tiles in rooms with high humidity is convenient in that it provides the possibility of regular cleaning without compromising the integrity and appearance of the floor covering. Ceramics is good because it is easy to remove various stains from it. The tile will not swell from excess moisture, will not change its original appearance.
The disadvantage of this flooring is that chips are formed on it due to the fall of kitchen utensils. The edges of these grooves are so sharp that you can get hurt about them. Therefore, for such a floor you need to constantly monitor and fill cracks and chipped with epoxy or special repair compounds.
For the device of the floor in the kitchen you need to choose tile with anti-slip coating.Such products are not much more expensive, but more convenient to use where they often use water. As a savings, material with anti-slip coating can be laid out only next to the place of cooking and washing dishes. The rest of the floor surface can be decorated with ordinary tiles.

Is laminate or parquet suitable for the kitchen?

For the kitchen you need to choose a moisture-resistant laminate with high wear resistance. Otherwise, this floor will quickly lose the attractiveness of its appearance and is deformed by excess moisture. Laminate - not the best choice for the kitchen, as this material is quite slippery, brittle, susceptible to cracking from impact.
Parquet in the kitchen - the preferred option flooring. But we should not forget that the lacquer will wear out pretty quickly, therefore, it will be necessary to update the protective layer. In addition, once every 5-7 years will require scraping: removing the top layer of wood. Therefore, the hassle of caring for such a floor is enough.

What kind of floor covering for the kitchen is better?

The optimal choice of flooring in the kitchen - tile with anti-slip coating or linoleum.The latter can be insulated, textured, with a high degree of wear resistance. If the family has small children, it is better to lay linoleum on the substrate, as it will soften the blow during the fall of the child. This material allows you to maintain proper cleanliness in the kitchen, as it is easy to clean. For many years, it does not change its original form, is resistant to chemicals, fire, ultraviolet radiation.

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