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What is a technique?

February 5, 2015
What is a technique?

In this article we will look at what technique is. This term has several meanings depending on the application. But in the most general form, the word "technique" means art, skill, ability.

Technique is ...

First of all, a technique is a certain set of technical devices, technologies, knowledge and actions. In this context, we are talking, for example, about technical sciences. This is a list of disciplines that study and create technical devices.

The very term “technical devices” includes various names of machines, mechanisms, devices and installations. It is also worth mentioning the term "technical activity". As an example, you can call the engineering or scientific and technical activities.

On the other hand, technology is a combination of methods, methods, and methods that are used in the framework of an activity. As an example, consider the term "musical technique". This is the so-called technical side of the performing arts. That is, the ability of a musician to own an instrument (including his own voice - for a vocalist).The degree of virtuosity is achieved through constant exercise and training. Other examples include “safety precautions”, “judo techniques”, etc.


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