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What is strictly forbidden to do after a visit to the beautician

Cosmetic procedures make us beauties, but after some of them the skin needs special care.

It turns out that after visiting a beautician, you must follow certain rules for facial skin care. So you can protect yourself from various skin problems. Cosmetologist Anna Puzakova told Woman's Day what troubles are waiting for you if you ignore these rules.

5 “no” after peeling

Winter is the perfect time for peeling. For the most effective - acid - we go to a beautician. It eliminates fine lines, pigmentation, post-acne, oily shine and enlarged pores. But he has a rehabilitation period in which a lot of "no".

One of the most important conditions is to avoid the bright sun. That is why the median peels do not do in summer and spring - there is a high risk of hyperpigmentation of the skin. Make it a rule: before going outside, even in winterSPF sunscreenno less than 30. Especially after the first couple of months after the procedure.Ideally, the composition of the cream should be mineral filters - they will reduce the risk of an allergic reaction.

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Also after peelingyou can not go to the bath, sauna and take a hot bath. The fact is that during this period the skin is not protected - all the forces of the body are thrown on its regeneration. And the increased humidity and temperature is a breeding ground for microbes and bacteria. In such conditions it is easy to pick up the infection, and then the inflammation and suppuration will have to be treated with antifungal drugs. And the most terrible consequence: after peeling, some chemical particles remain inside the skin for some time, which are activated at high temperatures. This can cause serious burns and allergies.

Swimming is also contraindicateddue to the chlorine content in the water, it is the risk of getting infected, causing burns or dry skin.

Also the first five days after the procedureforbidden to play sports. Because along with sweat, our body gets rid of toxins that can settle on defenseless “new” skin - this guarantees irritation and suppuration.

One "can not" after mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is the injection of the treatment drug under the skin (its composition depends on the indications). It is very effective, but after it there are limitations: in no caseyou can not do any cosmetic procedureslike peeling, cleansing and even depilation. At best, they will undo the effect. At worst, they will cause allergies and inflammations. Indeed, at the first time after mesotherapy, rehabilitation processes take place in the skin. Any intervention may have a negative effect.

4 "no" after mechanical cleaning

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Before the procedure, make sure that before the procedure, your face is thoroughly cleansed, and the beautician has disinfected his hands or a special spoon. In case of neglect of this simple but important rule, infection or a bacterium can be introduced into the skin. Then you will have to be treated for a long time for a subcutaneous tick, acne, or other afflictions.

After mechanical cleaning of scars and reddenings there is a lot, so the post-care should be serious:

- you can not rub your face with your hands;

- disinfectants and sedatives should be applied to the skin (if there is a Darsonval physiotherapy unit, you can use it);

- within 24 hours it is impossible to paint and wash with tap water, so that no infection gets into open pores;

- it is also necessary to wash by the rules - only with specially selected means according to the type of skin.

6 “no” after electrolysis

Cosmetic procedures, photo
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With the wrong care after electrolysis pigment spots - this is the best thing that can happen to you. Other complications: inflammation, scars, purulent inflammation, etc.

Absolutely all prescriptions must be followed:

- preferably in the first day not to wet the skin;

- twice a day to wipe the face with a special tool;

- do not touch the affected area for at least 48 hours;

- ensure that spirits, deodorants do not fall on it and that there is no friction about clothes;

- until the skin is completely healed, do not sunbathe;

- Do not take a hot shower, do not swim in the pool and open water.


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