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What is soy milk and what is its benefit?

Milk is known to all. Cows give it, even children know about it too. But, it turns out, it happens and soy milk, which is different from the usual and taste, and composition, and its properties. Is such a product useful? Can it hurt? And can it be cooked at home?

A bit of history

It is believed that milk from soybeans appeared a long time ago, namely before the era (approximately in the second century). China is the motherland of such a product, and the philosopher Liu Anya was named the creator. According to legend, he had a mother who was very fond of soybeans, but did not have teeth. And then the loving son decided to please the woman and made a drink that looked like milk, which she liked.

Not exactly a traditional drink.

To date, this product is known in almost every country, but it is most popular in Asia. For example, the Japanese and the Chinese practically abandoned ordinary milk, completely switching to soy milk. Also people from Africa, South and North America, and also Southern Europe also arrive.

What it is?

What is milk made from? Of course, from soy, or rather, from her beans. They, by the way, have recently become popular and in demand, they are often replaced, for example, meat. Of them are preparing sauces, cheese.

How do soy milk? There is nothing complicated about it. First, the beans are soaked in water so that they swell, then this mass is boiled, cooled, and then filtered. Then the composition must be crushed and filtered to remove all excess and leave the liquid. This liquid, by the way, is called milk. So do in countries where there is a large amount of soy.

Industrial production is slightly different. First, the beans are soaked for a while, then with the help of special devices they are ground to a state of mashed potatoes, and then squeezed. The resulting fluid quickly heats up to 150 degrees, thus avoiding the multiplication of pathogenic organisms.

Color is different from regular milk.

That's what soy milk is. The taste of this drink is sweet and quite pleasant, the aroma is unobtrusive. By the way, at home it can be cooked in just a few minutes. But more about that later.


What is included in soy milk? First, it contains valuable plant protein,which can easily replace the one found in meat or milk (so this product is a real discovery for vegetarians).

We should not forget about the valuable amino acids that are so necessary for our body to work properly. There is also iron here, which, by the way, is not so easy to get. The composition includes vitamins E, B2, B6, B1, isoflavones, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, lecithin, and so on. And such a composition makes the product useful.


The benefit of such a product is invaluable, which is explained by such a rich and unique composition.

Here are some useful properties:

  • This product does not contain cholesterol, so that atherosclerosis can be not afraid, the vessels will be strong and healthy.
  • Calories in this drink a little (35-40 per 100 milliliters), so it can be called diet and boldly include in the menu of various diets.
  • The composition does not include lactose (in ordinary milk it is contained), intolerance of which is observed in some people (it makes it impossible to use cow's milk).
  • Easy to digest the drink, so that the digestive tract will not load it.
  • This is an excellent source of protein.And protein is necessary for normal muscle function and cell formation in almost all tissues.
  • The drink is useful for obesity.
  • Soymilk is useful for people suffering from certain diseases of the cardiovascular system. Potassium is able to strengthen the heart muscle and improve heart function.
  • It contains fiber, and it has a positive effect on digestion, and also helps to rid the body of toxins and waste.
  • Isoflavones are so-called phytoestrogens (natural hormones) that can protect against certain types of cancer, as well as from a number of hormonal disorders (for example, associated with menopause).
  • The nutritional value of the drink makes it useful for children, so that soy milk is sometimes given to babies who do not get breast milk for some reason.

But the harm of soy milk also cannot be ignored. There are some important points:

  • The composition includes phytic acid, which prevents the normal and complete absorption of elements necessary for the body, such as iron, zinc, magnesium and calcium.
  • Since this product contains isoflavones, which can be viewed from different points of view, you should be more careful when using this drink.The fact is that with the abuse of soy milk, these natural hormones can accumulate in the body and cause a decrease in the activity of spermatozoa in men (this was proven in the course of research, but other tests have refuted this fact).
  • Phytoestrogens in large quantities can be harmful to pregnant and lactating mothers.
  • The same isoflavones in large quantities can lead to the development of such an ailment of the thyroid gland as hypothyroidism.

You can only add that when you use any products you need to know the measure. And milk from soybeans is no exception.

Where to buy?

Where can I buy soy milk? You can find such a drink today in large supermarkets. It is easy to find this product in the departments of vegetarian products. You can also order it from the online store. And for the kids, you can buy a special soy mixture.

How much is this milk? Immediately it is worth noting that more expensive than regular milk. For a liter will have to pay about 80-110 rubles.

How to make at home?

To make tasty and healthy soy milk, prepare the following ingredients:

  • 100-150 grams of soybeans;
  • 800 ml of pure water;
  • sugar or salt to taste.

Cooking method:

  1. For a start, you should pay attention to the choice of soybeans. In fact, you can use any, but it is best to take large and mature ones, from them you get a rich and pleasant taste of milk. Beans are like large white beans, but they are also small, green (milk can also be cooked if desired).
  2. Now the beans need to fill with water. It is best to use boiled, it should be at room temperature. In this state, leave the soybean overnight so that it swells well.
  3. Sutra rinse the beans in running water, immerse in a blender, add a little water (it should lightly cover the beans) and grind to a homogeneous mass.
  4. After this, strain the liquid through a cloth or folded several times gauze.
  5. The resulting cake can again fill with water and chop, and then squeeze. In this case, the milk will not so thick, and more liquid. Cake, by the way, do not throw out, you can add it to the dishes.
  6. You should have about 4-6 glasses of milk. Drink it with pleasure!


If desired, you can make cottage cheese or yoghurt from soy milk, because it is curdled, as usual.This product is made with famous tofu cheese. Also, this milk produces excellent milkshakes.

Bon Appetit! And remember that in everything you need to know when to stop!

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