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What is socialization?

Due to the fact that Russian society has entered a new stage of its civilization development, the concept of "socialization" has become widely used in everyday life and in the media. This means that the question about the meaning of this word becomes natural.

Definition of term

What is socialization? The definition of the term "socialization" can be given the following. Socialization is a process that allows a person to acquire the skills that he will need for successful further life in a society. Also, the process of socialization includes the introduction to the customs and traditions of the society in which a person was born and is going to develop. Now let's pay attention to the process of socialization.

What is the process of socialization?

The process of socialization includes all phases into which human life can be divided conditionally. This is childhood, adolescence, maturity, old age.

In childhood, a person is socialized through language, the rules and regulations that are instilled in his family. In his youth, the process of socialization goes to the level of interpersonal interaction in society.Entering the phase of maturity, the process of socialization for the individual is expressed in responsibility. And in old age socialization will consist in the need to help the young generation find its place in society.

Socialization can be divided into several types, each of which is responsible for a certain sphere of human relationships. This is personal socialization, political socialization, legal and so on.

What is socialization of personality?

This type of socialization is the most difficult from the point of view of study and the longest, if we talk about the time it takes. The process of socialization of personality begins almost from the birth of a person and ends with his death. Personal socialization continues throughout life, because throughout the course of a person’s life, a person changes his or her views, habits, tastes, renounces his principles, acquiring new ones in return.

Such a long course of the process of socialization of the individual is also connected with the fact that a person is constantly developing new social roles. First, this child - a kindergarten pupil. After some time - a school student, classmate, class leader, player of a football team and so on.After graduating from school, a person receives more and more new social roles: student, colleague, groom, then husband, father, grandfather. The list of social roles can be continued indefinitely. In this example, it becomes clear the complexity of the process of socialization of the individual.

What is political socialization?

Political socialization is understood as the process of assimilating the norms and values ​​that are necessary for a full-fledged adaptation to the political system in which the individual is currently located. This kind of socialization as political, the object of study was not so long ago. For the first time talked about political socialization in 1959.

The process of political socialization at the present time is greatly influenced by educational institutions, family, media, propaganda of political parties and the current political situation in society (for example, democracy, authoritarianism, multi-party system, one-party system, etc.).

What is legal socialization?

Going through the process of legal socialization, a person joins the social and legal sphere of life. These are observance of laws, knowledge of their rights and obligations, active citizenship and patriotism.

All of the above types of socialization are an integral part of a single process of socialization.And for the formation of a holistic personality it is necessary to socialize in every area of ​​human relationships.


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