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What is progress?

December 19, 2014
What is progress?

The word "progress" is often used both in scientific speech and in ordinary colloquial. However, not everyone understands what progress is.

Considering this word in a general sense, one can say that progress is development from the lowest to the highest, moving forward, striving for the best. Regression is the opposite concept, the antonym of progress.

To help you understand what progress is, consider a few simple examples:

  • A fairly general example is scientific progress. Compare, for example, how much scientific knowledge people owned in the Middle Ages and now. Undoubtedly, science during this time has greatly advanced, many discoveries have been made, thanks to which the life of mankind has greatly improved. The movement of science towards development and great discoveries can be considered progress. More specific examples from this area you can easily bring yourself.
  • Also, the word "progress" can be applied to any person. See for yourself: you were born into this world, unable to speak, walk, without knowing anything about the world.In the process of growing up, you learned how to talk, walk, receive, and continue to receive new information - remember, for example, how much you knew in the first grade and how much - in the eleventh. Thus, your development in different areas throughout life is also progress.

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