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What is positive stress?

Many people at the mention of the word "stress" imagine a kind of lump of negative emotions and experiences that overwhelm a person, plunging him into a depressed state. But few know that stress can be positive.

Who are you, mask?

In order to understand what is a positive emotional tension, you need to first understand what is generally hidden under the concept of "stress." Science says that this is the reaction of the human body to external influences, which can disrupt psychological balance.

In itself, stress has no negative consequences, and harm to the body appears only when a person can not correctly and timely exit from this state.

In the right direction

And how is positive stress useful? He, unlike the negative, improves mood, gives a feeling of vivacity and inspiration, and even strengthens immunity. After the experience, a person feels great and feels a surge of strength.The reason for this is a uniform load on the entire body, as a result of which a certain task is performed and the desired result is obtained, even if the expenditure of significant forces is involved.

Why are positive experiences so important for our body? Imagine if a person is constantly engaged in the same business, every day, from morning till night, without being able to take his mind off to something else. Very soon his body, and especially the psyche, will fail, and if nothing is done in time, it will worsen and may turn into a serious depression.

To see this, try to use the same product every day, in a few days, you probably will not be able to look at it. The same happens with adherents of permanent diets, fanatical athletes or amateurs to indulge in laziness all day. Very soon, the taste for life is replaced by apathy, which is very difficult to get out of.

The influence of positive stress on the body has not yet been fully understood, but even the available facts suggest that after such emotions and experiences a person literally opens a second wind and is ready for further vital and professional achievements.

Where to find?

Of course, positive experiences can overtake you at any time, but, nevertheless, you can bring them closer, just planning your life correctly and competently. How to get "useful" stress?

  1. Diversify nutrition. This does not mean that from now on you will have to spend a lot of money on expensive products. Just bother to find interesting recipes from the usual set of products, allow yourself sometimes to go to a cafe or restaurant, treat yourself to your favorite fast food or sweet treats. But do not become a glutton!
  2. Surprises for the body. Any procedures other than daily procedures are already stressful. Sauna, swimming pool, massages, spa-procedures contribute to the change (to some extent) hormonal levels, thus rejuvenating the body and ridding it of various diseases.
  3. Sports activities. Exercise is always perceived as something unusual, so even difficult and tedious exercises in the gym can give you a charge of cheerfulness.
  4. Switching. During the working day you need a variety. To do this, you need to take short breaks for tea, chat or other activities.
  5. Interests.The more you have a hobby, the less likely to “hang” in the comfort zone. Even if there is no possibility to do this every day, the anticipation of a beloved affair at the weekend will necessarily "warm up" you during the working week.

Positive stress is really important for us, like a beating, which will give new sensations and give vitality. But, as you know, everything needs a measure, so you should not overdo it even with positive emotions.

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