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What is often asked to abide by?

Alina Alexandrova
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What is often asked to abide by?

Let's talk about the livelihood. Namely that concerns us all. For example, what are the most popular answers to a mystery question to consider? Question: what is often asked to abide by?

What to follow

  1. Adults require children to respect the norms and decency. Although what is the norm? This concept is relative, but social. And since we live in society, it is necessary to live by its laws. According to the laws, which exposes public opinion, and abide by the rules.
  2. Compliance with laws
  3. Observance of the commandments in religion
  4. Compliance with the rules of behavior on the roads
  5. Compliance with silence, order, cleanliness and hygiene. Traditional answers. Parents always demand that we keep it.
  6. Observance of the distance. Whether you like it or not, those around you are somehow interested in our observance of a certain distance.
  7. Husbands from us require compliance with diet and loyalty.

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