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What is offside?

Alexander Duz
Alexander Duz
July 31, 2012
What is offside?

Offside is one of the most important football terms, which means offside position. This position is fixed by a linear (side) arbitrator. Offside occurs when an attacking player is closer to the goal line than the last field player of the defending team. Fixed the position "offside" only if the football player who is offside, is addressed to transfer from the "non-outside" zone. Otherwise, the "offside" position is considered passive and the referee does not stop the match.

Continuing the theme of what is offside, we should mention the presence of similar provisions in the rules of other collective games. So, football offside analogs exist in basketball (a three-second zone), hockey (the blue line) and even water polo (two-meter flags).

The offside rule makes a football match more spectacular and eliminates the “preferential” scoring, in which the attacker could receive a pass, being far behind the backs of the defenders. In such a situation, only the goalkeeper could prevent the attacker from distinguishing himself. The absence of offside in football rules would completely change the game of millions and make it illogical.


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